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The Lia Fáil at Tara and the moon during eclipse, 3/3/07
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The Lia Fáil is a stone at the Inauguration Mound on the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland, which served as the coronation stone for the High Kings of Ireland.  All of the kings of Ireland were crowned on the stone up until about AD 500.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Puzzle by David Woolf / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Their drinks are not on the house, CASH BARS; 9. Rough limestone regions with sinkholes and caverns, KARSTS; 15. Novel title character , OSCAR WAO; 16. Hawaii’s Forbidden Isle, NIIHAU; 17. “… period!”, NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS; 19. One buzzing off?, GNAT; 20. Three Stooges display, IDIOCY; 21. Some lab leaders, for short, TAS; 22. Like most hall-of-fame inductees: Abbr., RET; 23. Gave belts or socks, STRUCK; 24. Swamp, MIRE; 25. Female friends, to Francisco, AMIGAS; 27. Early-millennium year, MII; 28. Jet black, ONYX; 29. Some are soft-shell, TACOS; 30. Spread out, OPENED; 32. He cast the Killing Curse on Dumbledore, SNAPE; 33. What the Flying Wallendas refuse to use, NET; 34. Powerful Hindu deities, DEVAS; 38. That same number of, AS MANY; 40. Diner’s words of thanks, GRACE; 41. Unlucky accidents, old-style, HAPS; 44. Co. led by Baryshnikov in 1980s, ABT; 45. It broke up in the age of dinosaurs, PANGEA; 46. Not procrastinating, ON IT; 47. Midday assignation in slang, NOONER; 49. Stink, ADO; 50. Olive OYL; 51. More pointed, ACUTER; 52. Give an underhanded hand?, ABET; 53. Assertion more likely to be correct in 8-Down is given, THE TRUTH WILL OUT; 56. Decision makers, COURTS; 57. Axis, e.g., ALLIANCE; 58. “Fingers crossed”, HOPE SO; 59. Whose eyes Puck squeezes magical juice on, LYSANDER.

Down — 1. “Well done!”, CONGRATS; 2. With no dissenters, AS ONE MAN; 3. Common result of a slipped disk, SCIATICA; 4. Foil feature, HAFT; 5. Realty ad abbr., BRS; 6. Lies ahead, AWAITS; 7. What a vacay provides, R AND R; 8. What an interrogator might administer, SODIUM PENTOTHAL; 9. Bring home, as a run, KNOCK IN; 10. Light as a feather, AIRY; 11. One in a cage, RIB; 12. Confined, SHUT IN; 13. Vast historical region controlled b the Mongols, TATARY; 14. Kingdom next to Kent, SUSSEX; 18. See 24-Down, SOCIETY; 23. They aid responses, in brief, SASES; 24. With 18-Down, life today, MODERN; 26. Transcend, GO PAST; 30. Speaking of repeatedly, to a Brit, ON A BOUT; 31. 1984 award for Elmore Leonard, EDGAR; 35. Drifting type, VAGABOND; 36. Good hand holding in Omaha Hi-Lo, ACE DEUCE; 37. It has the densest fur of any animal, SEA OTTER; 39. Alpine skier Julia who won Olympic gold in 2006, MANCUSO; 41. Still-produced stuff, HOOTCH; 42. Slangy segue, ANYHOO; 43. Awful accident, PILE-UP; 45. Hazards, PERILS; 48. Afresh, NEWLY; 51. Film and theater, ARTS; 52. Actor Rickman who played 32-Across, ALAN; 54. Low numero, TRE; 55. LIA Fáil (Irish coronation stone).


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