11.08.13 — Try to See It My Way


Friday, November 8, 2013

Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. African city of 4+ million whose name means, literally, “haven of peace”, DAR ES SALAAM; 12. Seeing things, CONTACT LENSES; 14. “Why such a fuss?”, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL; 16. Start of a Jewish holiday?, ROSH; 17. Put one’s two cents in?, ANTE; 18. Arizona’s Agua FRIA River; 19. Not natural for, ALIEN TO; 21. Like Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 6 or 22, IN F; 24. Tilting figure: Abbr., KNT; 25. PEDRO Ximénez (dessert sherry); 26. Manipulative health care worker, OSTEOPATH; 29. Smash letters, SRO; 30. Destroy, informally, NUKE; 32. Range ridges, ARETES; 33. Classified, TOP SECRET; 35. Eatery where the Tony was born, SARDI’S; 38. Pitch, TOSS; 39. Juan’s “Hey!”, OYE; 42. Perseveres, PRESSES ON; 44. Some Deco pieces, ERTÉS  46. Lead film festival characters?, EFS; 47. Rhineland Campaign’s arena: Abbr., ETO; 48. Frito-Lay snack, CHEETOS; 50. NATE Silver of fivethirtyeight.com; 52. California city near Fullerton, BREA; 54. Author TAMA Janowitz; 55. Opening line of a 1966 #1 Beatles  hit, TRY TO SEE IT MY WAY; 59. One-hit wonder, FLASH-IN-THE-PAN; 60. Events for some antiquers, ESTATE SALES.

Ottawa chief Pontiac

Down — 1. Demonstration exhortation, DO AS I DO; 2. A bee might light on it,  ANTHER; 3. Some N.F.L.’ers,  RTS; 4. Irritate,  EAT AT; 5. Dopes, SCHNOOKS; 6. Restoration notation, STET; 7. Even though,  ALBEIT; 8. Polynesian island chain?, LEI; 9. ANG Lee with an Oscar; 10. Home row sequence, ASDF; 11. Kalahari Desert dweller, MEERKAT12. Irritability, CHOLER; 13. Femme canonisée, SAINTE; 14. Deli menu subheading, WRAPS; 15. Foundation for some roofing, LATHS; 20. Silence, NO NOISE; 22. Verges on, NEARS; 23. Anticipate, FORESEE; 27. Mind, SEE TO; 28. Irritable state, PET; 31. Election surprise, UPSET; 33. What some bombs result in, in brief, TDS; 34. Fanciful notions, CONCEITS; 35. Dead, SPENT; 36. Pair of boxers?, ARF ARF; 37. Give a makeover, RESTYLE; 38. Pontiac and others, OTTAWAS; 40. “Star Trek” extra, YEOMAN; 41. It’s definitely not the short answer, ESSAY; 43. “That’s that”, SO BE IT; 45. Fix a key problem?, RETYPE; 49. Kind of Yoga, HATHA; 51. Important info for people with connections, ETAS; 53. RENÉ Clément with two Oscar-winning films; 56. Düsseldorf direction, OST; 57. La la lead-in, SHA; 58. MEL Allen of play-by-play.


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