11.07.13 — Measure for Measure


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Puzzle by Alan Derkazarian / Edited by Will Shortz

{1} [ARMED] BANDITS (18A. Casino sites), {2} [BIT] [BIT] CROOKS (24A. Small-time thieves), {3} [CARD] [CARD] [CARD] MONTE (54A. Con game) and {4} [WAY] [WAY] [WAY] [WAY] STOP (62A. What an intersection may have) constitute the interrelated group of this well-measured clever Thursday crossword.

The downs utilizing the squares with the words ARMED, BIT, CARD and WAY:

  1. SW[ARMED] (7D. Overran);
  2. RARE[BIT] (1D. Dish with melted cheese) and INHA[BIT] (2D. Occupy);
  3. SPORTS [CARD] (26D. Topps collectible), INDEX [CARD]S (30D. Cataloging things) and [CARD]AMOM (55D. Common spice in Indian food);
  4. [SEA]WAY (49D. Ship’s route), S[WAY]ED (58D. Went to and fro); [WAY]NE (62D. Oscar-winning John) and [WAY] IN (63D. Entry).

Other — A TOUCH OVER (3D. Just above), AUDIO BOOK (5D. Some commuter “reading”), AVARICE (9D. Shylock trait), EIN and NIE, ERGOT (57D. Cereal killer), IKEBANA (22D. Japanese flower-arranging art), KINTE (45A. “Roots” surname), RETURN FIRE (32D. Fight back), STEAM PIPE (38D. Certain heat conduit).


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