11.03.13 — Fruit Flies

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Edited by Will Shortz

FRUIT FLIES (108A. Short-lived pests … or an alternative title for this puzzle), along with OXODNVERSIY (99A. Where Margaret Thatcher studied chemistry, after 108-Across?); GRAPE LEAVES and EMNSHEHRDS (29A. They get stuffed at Greek restaurants; 23A. Many service dogs, after 29-Across?); DATE BOOKS and COMPOUNDFRCUR (48A. Schedule planners; 40A. Serious break, after 48-Across?); LEMON DROPS and OCHNSSSTER (66A. Tart treats; 60A. Legendary Scottish swimmer, after 66-Across?); BANANA SPLITS and RUMDBILEY (89A. Ice cream treats; 81A. Circus founders, after 89-Across?) constitute the interrelated group of this odd Sunday crossword.


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