11.29.13 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, November 29, 2013

Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Cartoon canary's bane, PUDDY TAT; 9. Lymph liquid, PLASM; 14. Launch, INITIATE; 15. Many a predictable plot, CLICHÉ; 16. Rests, LIES DOWN; 17. One with a game collection, maybe, HUNTER; 18. Gate announcement, briefly, ETD; 19. Longtime model Parkinson of “The Price Is Right”, DIAN; 20. One with a game collection, ARCADE; 21. Home to Bar-Ilan Univ., ISR; 22. Grp supported by 17-Acrosses, NRA; 23. Something groundbreaking, A FIRST; 27. Post rival, KELLOGGS; 32. “That is so obvious!”, NO DUH; 33. What corned beef is often served on, JEWISH RYE; 34. Weights, to a weightlifter, IRON; 35. Heart-felt thing?, PULSE;  36. Where to take stock?, BARN; 37. Lamb accompaniment, MINT JELLY; 39. Shade similar to bay, COCOA; 40. One getting into briefs?, ATTORNEY; 41. Least brazen, COYEST; 42. “Eldorado” inits., EAP; 43. Forbid, BAR; 44. Urban phenomenon, SPRAWL; 48. Coastal diver, TERN; 49. Sun Devil Stadium’s sch., ASU; 52. Chill, COOL IT; 53. Labor leader?, HERCULES; 55. Ray Charles’s Georgia birthplace, ALBANY; 56. A sprinkling, ONE OR TWO; 57. Inc. magazine topic, REORG; 58. Voice of 1-Across, MEL BLANC.

Down — 1. Ton, PILE; 2. Ton, e.g., UNIT; 3. Quit running, DIED; 4. Detoxing woe, DTS; 5. Bagel source?, YIDDISH; 6. Many a Taiwanese, TAOIST; 7. More than bickering, AT WAR; 8. It has eight neighbors, Abbr., TENN; 9. Stars and stripes, say, PLURALS; 10. Tod’s sidekick on “Route 66”, LINC; 11. Court records, ACTA; 12. Hammer and sickle holder, maybe, SHED; 13. Trivial, MERE; 15. Delta lead-in, CHARLIE; 22. Like many holiday letters, NEWSY; 23. Jungian principle, ANIMA; 24. In favor of the idea, FOR IT; 25. Words before know and care, I DON’T; 26. Total, RUN TO; 27. See 29-Down, KELLY; 28. Sarcastic “I can’t wait”, OH BOY; 29. With 27-Down, her last film was “High Society”, GRACE; 30. Some food festival fare, GYROS; 31. French body of law?, SENAT; 33. Derby favorite, JULEP; 35. 10 or 15 yards, say, PENALTY; 38. One shot in a cliffhanger, J R EWING; 39. Inner ear?, CORN COB; 41. Stall near the stacks, CARREL; 43. Designer Geoffrey BEENE; 44. Evidence of damage, SCAR; 45. John Paul II, e.g., POLE; 46. ROBO-call; 47. Creator of bad apples?, ALAR; 48. THOM Hartmann of talk radio; 49. Mont. Neighbor, ALTA; 50. Wrapped (up), SEWN; 51. Grp. With national antidoping rules, USOC; 54. It might end in “mil”, URL.


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