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Monday, November 18, 2013

Puzzle by Edgar Fontaine / Edited by Will Shortz

In this solid Monday crossword, four sets of well-known people combine the possessive form of a person’s last name with an object, resulting in the name of a different well-known person, well, sort of... :

GREGORY’S PECK (20A. Part of a bushel belong to Dick?)
HARRISON’S FORD (34A. Car belong to Rex?)
ARTHUR’S MILLER (41A. Lite beer belonging to Bea?)
SHARON’S STONE (55A. Rock belonging to Ariel?)

Other — AMOUR-PROPRE (26D. Self-esteem, as the French would have it), Israel’s Abba EBAN, EYE PIT (48A. Facial socket), GOMER Pyle and OPIE Taylor of Mayberry, IONIAN Sea, body of water south of Italy, LON Chaney who played the hunchback of Notre Dame, Actress Sophia LOREN, OBERON (2D. King of the fairies, in Shakespeare), OSAMA bin Laden, Milo O'SHEA of "The Verdict, PARENTHETIC (3D. Like the end of this clue (in terms of punctuation), Artist ROY Lichtenstein, New York's RUDY Giuliani, Drummer Ringo STARR, TERRIER (5D. Wirehaired dog).


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Anonymous said...

"Rope" is no thriller. It's a suspense movie. There's no violence in the movie, or threat of it. It is a suspense movie, though.

Also the one clue and answer is unfortunate because it also (in a way) refers to Richard Speck the serial killer.

DONALD said...


With all due respect, the film starts with a strangulation...

Anonymous said...

Thrillers don't start that way. Unless there's more to come. Thanks though.

Anonymous said...

I should restate that. Thrillers indeed do have suspense, but it prededes the climax. A thriller does not begin with a climax.

Anonymous said...

Here's another way to put it. All of this is just my opinion of course. In a thriller, the damsel is in distress up to the end of the climax. 'Frenzy' is because there continues to be a threat. 'The trouble with Harry' is not a thriller for the same reasons as 'Rope'.

If this is the "real" Donald, love your blog.