11.01.13 — Velvet

Eleonora Duse portrayed by Franz von Lenbach


Friday, November 1, 2013

Puzzle by Brad Wilber / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Common catch off the coast of Maryland, BLUE CRAB; 9. Light, in a way, LOW-FAT; 15. Crude alternative, OIL SHALE; 16. Jewelry box item, BROOCH; 17. Like a bout on an undercard, NONTITLE; 18. Dickens’s Miss Havisham, famously, JILTEE; 19. ID clincher, DNA; 20. Challenge to ambulance chasers, TORT REFORM; 22. Arcade game prize grabber, CLAW CRANE; 24. Fiacre, to taxi drivers, PATRON SAINT; 27. “AS A reminder …”; 30. Nook occupier, E-BOOK; 31. Toshiba competitor, NEC; 32. Some camcorders, RCAS; 33. Besmirch, TARNISH; 36. Isaac Bashevis Singer settings, SHTETLS; 38. Culmination, ACME; 39. Only proper noun in the Beatles’ “Revolution”, MAO; 41. “Something to Talk about” singer, 1991, RAITT; 42. Golf commentator’s subject, LIE; 43. Classic kitschy wall hanging, VELVET ELVIS; 46. Slip for a skirt?, FALLEN HEM; 47. “Billy Bathgate” novelist, E L DOCTOROW; 50. Ex-G.I.’s org., VFW; 53. Washington State mascot, COUGAR; 54. Pre-W.W. I in automotive history, BRASS ERA; 57. “If music be the food of love …” speaker in “Twelfth Night”, ORSINO; 58. Cry of despair, I’M RUINED; 59. Nothing: It., NIENTE; 60. Periods of warming … or cooling off, DETENTES.

Down — 1. M Asset, BOND; 2. Royal Arms of England symbol, LION; 3. Bone under a watchband, ULNA; 4. The Orange Bowl is played on it: Abbr., EST; 5. Acupuncturist’s concern, CHI; 6. Croupier’s stick material, RATTAN; 7. Acknowledges, ALLOWS; 8. Tab carrier in a bar?, BEER CAN; 9. Tourist attraction on Texas’ Pedermales River, LBJ RANCH; 10. Face in a particular direction, ORIENT; 11. “Champagne for One” sleuth, WOLFE; 12. Shot, informally, FOTO; 13. Serena Williams, often, ACER; 14. Novel in Joyce Carol Oates’s Wonderland Quartet, THEM; 21. Exasperates, TRIES; 22. Cauldron stirrer, crone; 23. “The Avengers” villain, 2012, LOKI;  24. Bit of sachet stuffing, PETAL; 25. Classroom clickers of old, ABACI; 26. Singer who once sang a song to Kramer on “Seinfeld”, TORMÉ; 37. When “Ave Maria” is sung in “Otello”, ACT IV; 28. 1970s pact partly negotiated in Helsinki, SALT I; 29. Right hands: Abbr., ASSTS; 32. Arena, REALM; 34. Orange garnish for a sushi roll, SMELT ROE; 35. Fox hunt cry, HALLO; 37. Bay, for one, TREE; 40. Prompt a buzzer on “The Price Is Right”, OVER-BID; 43. Unoccupied, VACANT; 44. Massive, in Metz, ENORME; 45. Block, THWART; 46. Keep from taking off, as a plane with low visibility, FOG IN; 47. Nobel category: Abbr., ECON; 48. Loughlin or Petty of Hollywood, LORI; 49. Italian actress Eleanora DUSE; 50. Let it all out, VENT; 51. Unoccupied, FREE; 52. Rolls of dough, WADS; 55. One of the Ms. Pac-Man ghosts, SUE; 58. “There is no SIN except stupidity”: Wilde.


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