11.28.13 — Tastes Like Chicken

Thursday, November 28, 2013 — Thanksgiving Day

Edited by Will Shortz

What‘s to be said?

SNAKES ON A PLANE (61A. Cult classic whose title is depicted four times in this puzzle), along with ASP above PLANE, BOMBER, GLIDER and JET constitutes the interrelated group of this odd Thanksgiving Thursday crossword:

  • THE BROWN BOMBER (15A. Joe Louis, to fans) with CLASP (14A. Hook’s place)
  • HANG GLIDER (34A. One interested in current affairs?) with RASP (27A. Grate)
  • NEW YORK JET (42A. Gang green member) with ASPIRES (40A. Isn’t content with the status quo, say)
  • SNAKES ON A PLANE with HASP (59A. Door fixture)

Other — Horror film director Alexandre AJA, CALYX (21A. Flower feature), KLAXONS (44D. “Ah-OO-Gah!” horns), MATEY and YO HO HO (32D with 23D. Chant from a 32-Down, maybe), SEMINARY (41D. School at which students are collared?), SIOUX WAR (5D. Little Bighorn conflict).


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