04.30.14 — MAC VS PC

Wednesday, April 302014

Puzzle by Zhouqin Burnikel / Edited by Will Shortz

MAC VS PC (37A. Epic  battle in technology … or a hint to four crossings in this puzzle), plus the four abutments of MAC and PC, constitutes the main feature of this curious Wednesday crossword.  The “crossings”:

STRIP CLUB and MACAWS (16A. Bada Bing!, on “The Sopranos”; 5D. Colorful parrots)
SMACKS and POP CULTURE (21A. Loud kisses; 10D. Movies, TV, hit songs, etc.)
MACE and SHARP CURVE (48A. Antiriot spray; 28D. Hairpin, e.g.)
TRUMP CARD (61A. Winning advantage) and Poison SUMAC.

Other — ACAI (56A. Dark purple fruit), AENEID (46D. Post-Trojan War epic), BRUCE Wayne, a.k.a  BATMAN (47D. Superhero ally of Commissioner Gordon); BLUESY (47A. Like Muddy Waters’s music), LOREN and OSCAR (60A. “Two Women” star, 1960; 64A. Award for 60-Across for her role in “Two Women”), LIP BALM (50A. Stick in a purse, maybe), NEWHART (22A. Sitcom set at a Vermont inn), PALIN (45A. “Going Rogue” author), SKOSH (12D. Wee bit).


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