06.01.14 — AL add-in

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

“Aladdin” — Puzzle by Tom McCoy / Edited by Will Shortz

Adding AL in seven otherwise common phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

CHANGE OF PALACE (23A. King’s move?)
IDEALS OF MARCH (37A. Principles espoused during Women’s History Month?)
CIRCUS TALENT (46A. Ability to walk a tightrope or swallow a sword?)
A FAREWELL TO ALARMS (66A. Dream for late sleepers?)
CANAL OF WORMS (89A. Waterway leading to a SW German city?)
SPRING FALLING (95A. Slinky going down the stairs?)
OF MALICE AND MEN (118A. Dissertation on people’s inherent spitefulness?)

Other — AMNESIAC (4D. Unlikely memoirist), ANELE (32A. Anoint, archaically), HIPSTER (52D. One parodied on “Portlandia“), IGUANA (36D. One who might stick his tongue out at you?), LIMINAL (15D. In-between), LONG PANTS (81D. Trousers), NYALA (99D. Spiral-horned antelope), PINKIES (92D. Thumbs‘ opposites), PRE-SELECTS (79A. Chooses beforehand), PUSSYFOOT (13D. Not be bold), SCRIPT (95D. Lines at a theater?), TWANGS (104D. Elements of some accents), UNIATE (22A. One of a group of Eastern Christians).


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