06.22.14 — Ten Cents

Sunday, June 22, 2014

“Dime Store” — Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski
Edited by Will Shortz

Ten squares containing the symbol for “cents” (the letter “C” across and “I” down) , adding up to a dime, constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword:

  • CENTENNIAL (23A. 2014, for Doublemint gum) with TAIL (1D. Dangerous part of an alligator)
  • VICENTE FOX (25A. Mexican president of the early 2000s) with PAIN PILL (12D. Percocet, for one)
  • CENTRIST (40A. Middle-of-the-road) with PAIN PILL (12D. Percocet, for one)
  • IRIDESCENT (44A. Like mother-of-pearl) with ISLIP (45D. Town on the south shore of Long Island)
  • RECENT PAST (56A. Several days ago, say) with IRON-ON (68D. Like some patches)
  • CENTIPEDES (70A. Bugs that technically are misnamed) with WRITE-UPS (58D. Articles in a paper)
  • PERCENTAGE (93A. Agent’s cut) with TOMEI (71D. Actress who co-starred n “The Lincoln Lawyer”)
  • TEN CENTS (96A. Total value of the symbols created by the special crossings in this puzzle) with I SWEAR (97D. “Honest!“)
  • DECENT MEAL (113A. Something square to eat?) with AIDE (106D. Right hand)
  • I’M INNOCENT (116A. Defendant’s cry) with IAN (117D. Actor McKellen)

Other — ATWITTER (39D. Nervously excited), HEALTH FOOD (107A. Flaxseed or quinoa, e.g.), LINGERING (3D. Not going away), NO RELATION (28A. Tyler Perry, to Katy Perry, e.g.), SPEED TRAP (2D. Where many tickets are distributed), STATE DEPT (80D. Hillary Clinton’s domain, once: Abbr.).


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