06.08.14 — Strike One

Sunday, June 8, 2014

“Strike One” — Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Ten squares containing two letters, one being X to change a common phrase into an uncommon one, constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword.  Actually, one could just place an X over the common-phrase letter to do the trick.  The “crossed out” letters spell CROSSED OUT:

XED (124A. Struck out, as one letter n each of this puzzle’s answers)

SMILEY FA[C/X]ES (23A. Symbols of happiness; Transmissions with colons, dashes and parentheses?)
THE HEART OF WA[R/X] (29A. Sun Tzu tome; Madame Tussaud’s specialty?)
ARTOO DETO[O/X] (38A. “Star Wars” character; Where droids go to dry out?)
LESSER APE[S/X] (42A. Gibbons and siamangs; Mountaintop that’s not the very top?)
BEAUTY CONTE[S/X]T (56A. Pageant; Circumstances that render someone attractive?)
EVERGREEN TRE[E/X] (78A. Pine, e.g.; Dinosaur that never goes out of style?)
BO[D/X]Y DOUBLE (92A. Studio substitute; Squarish  bed?)
FO[O/X] FIGHTER (95A. Member of a certain 1990s-2000s rock band; Censor unhappy with “Family Guy” and “Glee,” maybe?)
SKIP TO MY LO[U/X] (102A. Children’s song; Ignore the rest of the lunch I brought and just eat the fish?)
DESSERT [T/X]RAY (113A. After-dinner display; One way to see a pie’s filling?)

The matching downs (sans X’s) — TIC, STARES AT, POINT, CSI, ELITE, MORENO, RED HEAT, OLD-TIMER, and AUDEN.

Other — BLOCKADE (83D. Sea wall?), BLOW OPEN (16D. Use dynamite on, as a safe), EMBOSSED (82D. Raised on books?), IDIOTIC (4A. Brainless), LOP-EARED (85A. Like some bunnies and hounds), MAGNESIA (52A. Antacid ingredient), MINARET (91D. Mosque tower), MORENO (68D. Singer/actress Rita), NO LIMIT (63D. Like some poker games), NUDISTS (123A.You’ll see a lot of them), OLD-TIMER (84D. Golden ager), SNO CONE (64D. Carnival cooler), SORORAL (88D. Like some twins), VAMPIRE (20A. Sucker?).


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