06.13.14 — The Friday Crossword

Bob Marley


Friday, June 13, 2014

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Family guy, MADE MAN; 8. Create some ties, NETWORK; 15. It often has chips, CHOCOLATE COOKIE; 17. 1974 #1 hit written by Bob Marley, I SHOT THE SHERIFF; 18. Almost equaling, CLOSE TO; 19. Brat’s place, DELI; 20. With 24-Across, “The Pianist” star, ADRIEN; 23. Unlikely donor, MISER; 24. See 20-Across, BRODY; 25. Common shower garment, ONESIE; 29. First name in westerns, ZANE; 30. Conditioning apparatus, SKINNER BOX; 34. Family guy, affectionately, UNC; 35. Once-common commercial fuel, COAL GAS; 36. Skippered, LED; 37. Extremely long string, GOOGOLPLEX; 39. PASO Robles, Calf.; 40. Like some symmetry, RADIAL; 41. Congolese, e.g., BANTU; 42. Word menu option?, ROGET; 45. Criminal activity, RACKET; 46. Khloe Kardashian’s married name, ODOM; 47. Like St. Catherne, SIENESE; 51. Rapper with the 2009 hit “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”, SOULJA BOY TELL ‘EM; 56. Classroom films, e.g., AUDIOVISUAL AIDS; 57. Like opinion pieces, SLANTED; 58. World of DC Comics, KRYPTON.

Down — 1. Spring competitor, once, MCI; 2. Physical reactions?, AHS; 3. “I’m such a fool!”, DOH; 4. Deforestation, e.g., ECOCIDE; 5. Assorted, MOTLEY; 6. TV foodie Brown, ALTON; 7. Informal rejections, NAHS; 8. Rail construction, NEST; 9. Say again, ECHO; 10. Nail site, TOE; 11. Less drect, say, WORDIER; 12. Steinbeck have-nots, OKIES; 13. It can kick back, RIFLE; 14. Fermented milk drink, KEFIR; 16. Souvenir shop purchase, TEE; 20. Feminist with the 1984 “Gender Gap”, ABZUG; 21. Product under a sink, DRANO; 22. Dial-O-Matic maker, RONCO; 23. MIES van der Rohe; 25. Animal whose tongue is more than foot long, OKAPI; 26. Brand that’s a shortened descripton of its flavor, NILLA; 27. Topper of der Tannenbaum, ENGEL; 28. Munches, in ads, SNAX; 30. “Storage Wars” cry, SOLD; 31. Scrabble player’s asset, BLANK; 32. Durango direction, OESTE; 33. Unlisted?, X’D OUT; 35. Dog breed distinction, COAT; 38. Scapegoat for many a failure, GREMLIN; 39. Driver’s warm-up, PACE LAP; 41. In a vulgar way, BASELY; 42. Dia de San Valentin bouquet, ROSAS; 43. Lefty out in left field, O’DOUL; 44. Cheese burg?, GOUDA; 45. Fix, as some roofs, RETAR; 47. Stat for a pitcher, SAVE; 48. Term paper abbr., IBID; 49. Canon shooter, EOS; 50. Stooge syllable, NYUK; 52. Insignificant amount, JOT; 53. Blitzed, LIT; 54. Japan’s EDO Castle, 55. MSN Explorer.


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