06.18.14 — Blank Tile

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Puzzle by Amy Johnson / Edited by Will Shortz

WORD FREAK (17A. 2001 best seller about competitive Scrabble), BLANK TILE (58A. What you’d need to play 26-, 29-, 43- or 45-Across), JUJITSU (26A. Japanese “soft art”, max opening score of 92 points), TSKTSKS (29A. Sounds of censure, max opening score of 80 points), SPAZZES (43A. Totally inept sorts, max opening score of 104 points) and XEROXED (45A. Ran off, in a way, max opening score of 94 points) constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — ABET and COHORT (10D. Partner in crime; 11D. Help in crime), AZALEAS (41D. Cousins of rhododendrons), OBIT and OBOE, POSSIBLY (38D. “It could happen”), SHRIEKS (9D. Fun house noises), SIOUX (30D. Wounded Knee tribe), TAKES TEN (8D. Stops for a breather), XANADU (45D. Setting of Kubla Khan’s palace).


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