06.12.14 — One Hundred Percent

A megillah scroll (The Book of Esther) is read on the eve and morning of the Festival of Purim.  One can only surmise how a scroll of such size could have been used comfortably, for it is difficult for an individual to handle.  Library of Congress Photo


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Puzzle by Mark Feldman / Edited by Will Shortz

THE WHOLE (54A. 100% … or words that can precede 17-, 18-, 30- and 51-Across), along with MEGILLAH (17A. Long, involved story, in slang), BALL OF WAX (18A. Business, informally), SHOOTING MATCH (30A. Competition in marksmanship), and ENCHILADA (51A. Queso-topped dish), constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.

Other — CRUSADER (35D. One on a mission), DESSERT (27A. Final order), FENNEL (12A. Common flavorer in Italian sausage), FIBULA (12D. Bone whose name is Latin for “pin”), HANNIBAL (57A. Mark Twain’s boyhood home), HUMIDITY (36D. What a hygrometer measures), LONGEST (24A. Guinness superlative), MALARIA (40A. Modern term for “Roman fever”), OPERABLE (14A. In working condition), PRESUME (45A. Daresay), SENATORS (1D. “Damn Yankees” team), SERACS (39D. Glacal formations), UNCLENCH (2D. Relax), VIRUS (38A. Email attachment attachment?).


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