06.19.14 — What?

Thursday, June 19, 2014 — Juneteenth 

Puzzle by Timothy Polin / Edited by Will Shortz

TWENTY QUESTIONS (17A. Classic 1940s-’50s quiz show), a large black-square question mark in the center of the grid, along with twenty clues beginning with “What” constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

Across — 1A. What group founded in 1960 currently has 12 members?, OPEC; 5. What Fox series was set n Newport Beach?, THEO C; 14. What spot has divisions called chukkers?, POLO; 22. What are Greek P’s?, RHOS; 23. What automaker makes the Yukon and Acadia?, GMC; 27. What is the popular name for daminozide?, ALAR; 32. What do four gills make?, PINT; 39. What is hopscotch called in New York City?, POTSY; 42. What notorious 1999 computer virus was named after an exotic dancer?, MELISSA; 49. What rating does the Michelin Guide give to “a very good restaurant”?, ONE STAR.

Down — 3. What do mahouts ride?, ELEPHANTS; 5. What best-selling 2004 young adult novel was written entirely in the form of instant messages?, TTYL; 6. What is the oldest academic quiz competition in the U.S. (since 1948)?, HI-Q; 8. What is 1/100 of a Danish krone?, ORE; 13. What California congressman heads the House Oversight Committee?, ISSA; 23. What were Russell and Anna Huxtable on “The Cosby Show”?, GRANDPARENTS; 27. One who makes an impression?, APER; 29. What was Caleb in the Bible?, SPY; 31. What word precedes “Eyes,” “Girl,” “Love” and “Mama” in Top 40 song titles?, SEXY; 36. Ones with breaking points?, CUE STICKS; 43. What is French for “huge”?, ENORME.

Other — CONTORTIONIST (4D. Twister), DELIRIA (45A. States of madness), ENTICINGLY (35A. A la a siren), EROTIC ART (11D. Kama Sutra Illustrations, e.g.), MONETIZES (12D. Converts to currency), ORISONS (50A. Sacred petitions), POLITEST (39D. Exhibiting the most civility), POWER LINE (2D. Juice provider), RESOUNDED (38A. Thundered), SPIT AND POLISH (10D. Fastidiousness), THIN AS A RAIL (28D. Superskinny), TOO TIRED TO THINK (51A. Mentally pooped).


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