06.05.14 — Little Women

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Puzzle by Ed Sessa / Edited by Will Shortz

LITTLE WOMEN (34A. 1860s novel …), along with AMY, BETH, JO and MEG in single squares constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword last seen in a Times crossword earlier this year, February 24:

BRIGH[AMY]OUNG (17A. The “American Moses”) with FO[AMY] (5D. Like a freshly drawn draft)
GLO[BETH]EATER (10D. Shakespeare play setting) with [BETH]ERE (22A. “Attendance is mandatory”)
DIRTY[JO]KE (32D. Ribald humor) with Mission VIE[JO], Calif.
[MEG]ENERATON (55A. Baby boomers, with “the”) with O[MEG]AS (50D. Some Swiss watches)

Other — ALTAIR (59A. Brightest star in Aquila); BROMIDE (26D. Trite comment); Gertrude EDERLE who swam the English Channel; Spencer‘s “The FAERIE Queene“; “HORACES Odes” (classic work of poetry); NEUTRINO (36D. Subatomic particle with no electric charge); OLIVE OIL (3D. Staple of Mediterranean cooking); RAFTERS (41A. Huck and Jim on the Mississippi, e.g.); RSVPED (41D. Answered, quickly); SABRINA (1D. Audrey Hepburn title role); STRAYED (47A. Waived the wake-up call); UNICORN (39D. Creature in Rowlng’s Forbidden Forest).


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