06.28.14 — The Saturday Crossword

The Death of Priam, 1861 by Jules Joseph Lefebvre


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Tangy fruit pastry filling, APRICOT JAM; 11. Physical, say, EXAM; 15. There might be one after a bridge, GUITAR SOLO; 16. The Rice Krispies mascots, e.g., TRIO; 17. Georgia neighbor, AZERBAIJAN; 18. Amazon icon, CART; 19. Raskolnikov’s love in “Crime and Punishment”, SONYA; 20. City whose name is pronounced like the natives’ word for “Where is … ?”, NOME; 21. Something an aichmophobe fears, briefly, HYPO; 22. Old mount, NAG; 24. Grandmotherly plaints, OYS; 26. Abbr. at the end of some crossword clues, VAR; 27. 2003 Billy Bob Thornton crime film, BAD SANTA; 32. Language of Middle-earth, ELVISH; 34. Craigslist section, FREE; 35. It’s usually closed before leaving, TAB; 36. Playground retort, DOES SO; 37. Ax, LET GO; 39. Presidential debate mo., OCT; 41. Father of Paris, PRIAM; 42. What may accompany a salute, AYE AYE; 44. With 51-Across, end of the London blitz?, TEE; 46. Ruler with a palace near St. Mark’s, DOGE; 47. San Diego’s TORREY Pines, site of the 2008 U.S. Open; 48. Prerequisites for some overseas travel, VACCINES; 50. On the q.t., MUM; 51. See 44-Across, ZED; 53. New, informally, MOD; 54. Valley girl’s “no”, AS IF; 56. Cry over spilled milk?, MEOW; 58. Kung Pao chicken ingredient, CHILI; 63. Solstice time, JUNE; 64. Literally, “different lizard”, ALLOSAURUS; 66. Some extracts, ORES; 67. Advice of caution to a beginner, START SMALL; 68. Midwest squad, REDS; 69. Bizarre and alienating, KAFKAESQUE.

Down — 1. “What A GAS!” (“How fun!”); 2. Two-time Oscar-winning screenwriter, PUZO; 3. Love at the French Open, essentially, RIEN; 4. Humble response, I TRY; 5. Changing place, CABANA; 6. Start of an “Ave Maria” line, ORA; 7. Beer named for a port on the Yellow Sea, TSINGTAO; 8. Guy from Tucson in a Beatles song, JOJO; 9. 1960 historical film written and directed by John Wayne, with “The”, ALAMO; 10. Well-off, MONEYED; 11. Put on the surface, in a way, ETCH; 12. Superpower, X-RAY VISION; 13. Ventilation provider, AIR PASSAGE; 14. Campers’ relatives, MOTOR HOMES; 23. Argentine ANT; 25. Spillover, SLOP; 27. Key of Schumann’s Symphony No. 1, B FLAT MAJOR; 28. “Really?”, ARE YOU SURE; 29. Not willing to give, DETERMINED; 30. “Popeye” cartoonist Elzie SEGAR; 31. Part of the Disney family, so to speak, ABC TV; 33. “Falstaff” composer, VERDI; 38. Attention-getter, in some rooms, OYEZ; 40. Company asset, TEAMWORK; 43. Freebie on some airplane flights, EYE MASK; 45. Prefix with efficiency, ECO; 49. Obsolescent media holder, CD CASE; 52. It’s around the mouth, DELTA; 55. Own (up), FESS; 57. Dedicatee of a famous Tallinn church, OLAF; 59. Runs smoothly, HUMS; 60. Setting for “Three Kings,” 1999, IRAQ; 61. Beaut, LULU; 62. Vacation destination, ISLE; 65. “Come STA?” (greeting).


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