06.15.14 — Enrich

Sunday, June 15, 2014 — Father’s Day 

“Enrich” — Puzzle by Tony Orbach / Edited by Will Shortz

Adding “EN” to familiar phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

  • PREPARATION HEN (23A. Episode title for a cooking show featuring chicken recipes?)
  • LEAVENING LAS VEGAS (32A. Goal for a comic working the Strip?)
  • LET ‘ER RIPEN (47A. Informal advice to an overeager picker?)
  • CAN I BE FRANKEN (67A. Request to represent a Minnesota senator’s side of a debate?)
  • RAMEN TOUGH (82A. Tarzan’s response when asked if the noodles are cooked?)
  • ENSIGN OF THE ZODIAC (99A. Naval officer who’s an expert in astrology)
  • COEN ORDINATION (111A. Religious ceremony for two Hollywood brothers?)

Other — ALINING (55D. Truing: Var.); ARAPAHO (21A. Wyoming people); ASANTE (91D. People of Ghana: Var.); ASTERN and STERN (116A. Rearward; 39D. Severe), ELENORE (48D. Title girl in a 1968 hit by the Turtles); HEDONISM and HERESY (46D. Pleasure seeking; 121A. Cause for burning at the stake); Queen LATIFAH of “Chicago”; PEN NIB (65A. Writing tip); PERFECT TEN (16D. Beauty ideal); POINIED UP (51D. Forked over); Cannabis SATIVA (marijuana); SCHULTZ (7A. Bumbling sergeant on “Hogan’s Heroes”); Jane TENNISON, Helen Mirren’s “Prime Suspect” role; VANUATU (54D. South Pacific archipelago).


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