06.14.14 — Diamonds and Rust

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Puzzle by Alex Vratsanos

Across — 1. “Diamonds and Rust” singer, 1975, JOAN BAEZ; 9. Add in large amounts, PACK ON; 15. “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?,” e.g., INNUENDO; 16. Surround with light, ENHALO; 17. Disappoints, LETS DOWN; 18. More legible, say, NEATER; 19. Marvin Gaye’s “TIL Tomorrow”; 20. Gambling, STAKING; 22. One often seen at the door, MAT; 23. River of Hesse, EDER; 25. Undermine, ERODE; 26. Wound around the body?, GASH; 27. Reasons for some joyrides, DARES; 29. Cause of an insurance increase, for short, DUI; 30. National card game of Mexico, MONTE; 31. Call for a meeting?, POINT OF ORDER; 34. Part of many a symphony, SCHERZO; 37. Visit, SOJOURN; 38. Many a Cape Cod locale, CRANBERRY BOG; 40. Multitudes, HOST; 41. Multitude, TON; 42. Some settlers, before settling, SUERS; 46. H. G. Wells’s “Empire of the ANTS”; 47. Teatro Costanzi premiere of 1900, TOSCA; 49. Kind of eng., ELEC; 50. Pull (out), EKE; 51. New Testament money, DENARII; 53. IVO Andric, Literature Nobelist before John Steinbeck; 54. Ornament at the top of a spire, FINIAL; 56. Sign at the end of a freeway, maybe, LAST EXT; 58. Like God, in the olden days, ETERNE; 59. Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, for one, ISLAMIST; 60. Team whose playing venue appears on the National Register of Historic Places, RED SOX; 61. Dumps, EYESORES.

Down — 1. Dumped, JILTED; 2. Six Nations tribe, ONEIDA; 3. Provider of bang for the buck?, ANTLER; 4. Greek consonants, NUS; 5. Twins, e.g., BEDS; 6. Make A NOTE of; 7. Best Actor nominee for “American History X”, EDWARD NORTON; 8. Fall asleep fast, ZONK OUT; 9. Cylindrical pasta, PENNE; 10. Rare blood type, for short, A NEG; 11. Ching preceder, CHA; 12. Asian capital, KATMANDU; 13. Wild olive, OLEASTER; 14. Boreal, NORTHERN; 21. Kojak’s love of lollipops or Reagan’s love of jellybeans, e.g., IDIOSYNCRASY; 24. Starts on a righteous path, REPENTS; 26. Disobey directives, say, GO ROGUE; 28. Gathers on a surface, chemically, SORBS; 30. Charms, MOJOS; 32. Novel ending?, IZE; 33. Time keeper?, FOB; 34. “America’s oldest lager beer”, SCHAEFER; 35. First person outside NASA to receive a moon-rock award, 2006, CRONKITE; 36. Accelerated, HASTENED; 39. 1937 film based on a Gershwin musical, ROSALIE; 43. ELIXIR of life; 44. Work over, REVISE; 45. Nursery brand, SCOTTS; 47. Bringer of old news, TELEX; 48. Sitter’s choice, AISLE; 51. Longtime soap actress Linda DANO; 52. “Take IT AS a sign”; 55. Group awaiting one’s return, for short, IRS; 57. Some rock, EMO.


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