06.06.14 — The Friday Crossword

Skocjan Caves, Slovenia


Friday, June 6, 2014 — D-Day 

Puzzle by Kameron Austin Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Decision theory factor, RISK; 5. Athletic short?, FIVE K; 10. Coolers, n brief, ACS; 13. Indie rock band whose “The Suburbs” was the Grammys’ 2010 Album of the Year, ARCADE FIRE; 15. Jiffy, SNAP; 16. British author of the so-called “London Trilogy”, MARTIN AMIS; 17. Feature of a Norman Rockwell self-portrait, PIPE; 18. Agitation overseas, STURM; 19. Hot, spicy brew, CHAI TEA; 21. EMI Records; 22. Washboard parts, ABS; 25. “Sic ‘em!”, ATTACK; 26. Popular Japanese manga seen on the Cartoon Network, NARUTO; 29. “Bonanza” setting, TAHOE; 30. Language originally known as Mocha, JAVA SCRIPT; 34. Turkish money, LIRA; 35. Miscellany, ANA; 36. Tochises, HEINIES; 38. Diego Rivera’s “LAS Sandias”; 39. Ceilings, CAPS; 41. Exotic annual off-road race, DAKAR RALLY; 43. Dead reckonings?, OBITS; 45. Admits, LETS ON; 46. In wait, BIDING; 48. Best-selling food writer REE Drummond; 49. “Bad!”, TSK; 52. Become dazedly inattentive, ZONE OUT; 54. Ryan of Hollywood, O’NEAL; 56. One with a password, maybe, USER; 57. Writer, director and co-star of the Madea films, TYLER PERRY; 61. Master’s counterpart, MISS; 62. Belief n human supremacy, SPECIESISM; 63. Buffoon, ASS; 64. Goes on and off diets, say, YOYOS; 65. TATE Modern.

Down — 1. Pickup line?, RAMS; 2. Furious, RATE; 3. Rugby formation, SCRUM; 4. Subject of Spike Lee’s “When the Levees Broke”, KATRINA; 5. Reed section?, FEN; 6. 1962 film “IF A Man Answers”; 7. Energy, VIM; 8. Actor ERIC Stoltz; 9. Gaga contemporary, KESHA; 10. Notable Senate testifier of 1991, ANITA HILL; 11. Florida’s so-called “Waterfront Wonderland”, CAPE CORAL; 12. Password requirer, maybe, SPEAKEASY; 14. 10-watt, say, DIM; 15. Old-fashioned shelter along a highway, SPITAL; 20. Phone inits., ATT; 22. Proceeded like a rocket, ARCED; 23. Time capsule event, BURIAL; 24. Tough problem, STINKER; 27. Grayish, ASH; 28. Downer, OPIATE; 30. South African leader beginning in 2009, JACOB ZUMA; 31. Reanimation after apparent death, ANABIOSIS; 32. Insipidity, VAPIDNESS; 33. Short, TERSE; 37. Kind of hotel, for short, SRO; 40. David Odgen STIERS, actor on “M*A*S*H”; 42. Colony unit, ANT NEST; 44. SNO-cone; 47. Bold, GUTSY; 50. Opera SERIA; 51. Land formation known for its caves, KARST; 53. Printed slip, TYPO; 54. Unlock, in poetry, OPE; 55. Old LYME, Conn.; 58. Willy LEE, pioneering writer on rocketry; 59. Green start?, ECO; 60. “R IS for rainbow”.


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