06.29.14 — EL CID

Silhouette of the San Francisco’s Anna Hyatt
Huntington copy of her El Cid statue.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

“Downright Tricky!” — Puzzle by Byron Walden
Edited by Will Shortz

EL CID (108D. Spanish hero whose 113-Down [NAME] is represented enigmatically six times in this puzzle), along with six three-word phrases where the first letters of each word in the phrase are C, I and D with the phrases arranged in an EL pattern down and to the right constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword.

CHIVALRY IS DEAD (8D. Lament about modern men)
CANON IN D (13D. Pachelbel classic, familiarly)
CRISIS IN DARFUR (32D. Major African humanitarian concern of the 2000s)
COVERED IN DUST (38D. Like the contents of many attics)
CHRISTMAS IN DIXIE (50D. 1982 holiday country hit by Alabama)
CONSIDER IT DONE (71D. “Right away, boss”)

Other — ABSCISSA (65A. Graph’s x-coordinate), BRAM (24A. Stoker of fear?), BRITCOM (122A. “Absolutely Fabulous,” e.g.), COXING (98D. Directing a shell), ESTIVATE (58A. Stay inactive over the summer), FILM INDUSTRIES (86A. Hollywood and Bollywood, e.g.), HOG CALLER (37A. Competitor in some county fairs), HOT POCKET (31A. Microwaveable snack), ICE CUBE (5A. Drink cooler), I HAD A HUNCH (3D. “That‘s what my Spidey sense told me“), I’VE MADE A DECISION (67A. Statement after long deliberation), MAN CAVE (49A. Area with XY coordinates?), MIMES (106A. Ones trapped in boxes of their own making?), MOSH PIT (21A. Stage-diving locale), NAZI ERA (117A. Post-Weimar period), PADDED BRA (100A. Drag staple), SALT MINING (74D. Enterprise for Morton), SEA HOLLY (12D. European coastal plant once thought to be an aphrodisiac), SPARE KEY  (88D. Item for a houseguest), SPIKEDACES (17D. Ray-finned fishes of the Southwest U.S.), WINN-DIXIE  (109A. Southern grocery chain), YEARLY PHYSICAL (51A. Routine checkup), YES INDEED  (56D. “Of course!”).


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