06.26.14 — IN BED

Painting, Smoking, Eating, Philip Guston, 1973


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Puzzle by  Pawel Fludzinski / Edited by Will Shortz

IN BED (40A. How breakfast may be served … or how the answers to the eight starred clues should be entered?), along with ROACH, RANCH, ROKER, ALLOT, LOCK, RUSH, ROOM and LAST in “B ED” constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

17A. *BROACHED Motel; 24A. *Dressing choice, BRANCHED; 49A. *Longtime TV weatherman, BROKERED; 58A. *Divide up, BALLOTED; 3D. *Bit of hair, BLOCKED; 11D. *Bit of excitement, BRUSHED; 38D. *Leeway, BROOMED; 42D. *Like Pisces, in the zodiac, BLASTED.

Other — AURICLE (10D. Outer ear), BARNARD (37D. Seven Sisters college), ED MEESE (12D. Reagan cabinet member who was previously counselor to the president), MARSALA (2D. Cooking wine), PAROLED (45A. Released early), RECKLESS (53A. Imprudent), ROUNDER (29D. Habitual drunkard), SCREAMED (20A. Reacted in horror, say), USELESS (30A. Like a fifth wheel).



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