06.27.14 — Take My Word for It

Salvador Dali, Face of Mae West, 1935


Friday, June 27, 2014

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Hoping to get home?, ON BASE; 7. Borrows without intending to repay, BUMS; 11. Therapy developers: Abbr., DRS; 14. In a slip, MOORED; 15. Government groups, AGENCIES; 17. Like many garments at the cleaner’s, IRONED; 18. Hit the road, RAN ALONG; 19. “I wouldn’t lie”, TAKE MY WORD FOR IT; 21. Some linemen: Abbr., RTS; 22. Get in on the deal, ANTE UP; 23. Cross, MEET; 25. Dreidel letter, GIMEL; 26. It has a 30-min. writing skills section, PSAT; 30. Mtn. statistic, ALT; 31. Surprising words from Shakespeare?, ET TU; 32. Ruined “rose-red city” of Jordan, PETRA; 33. Much of Mae West’s wit, DOUBLE ENTENDRES; 37. Line up, ARRAY; 38. Mangrove menace, informally, CROC; 39. It’s often compounded: Abbr., INT; 40. Lots, TONS; 41. “IT HAS to be!”; 43. Approved, OKAY; 44. Language in which “talofa” means “hello”, SAMOAN; 46. What I can be, ONE; 47. Sizzling, HOT AS BLUE BLAZES; 53. Celebrates wordlessly, APPLAUDS; 54. Ferrari or Lamborghini, IMPORT; 55. It may not be able to pick up something tiny, NAKED EYE; 56. Bit of “Archie” attire, BEANIE; 57. Elle’s English-language counterpart, SHE; 58. Bald-eagle link, AS AN; 59. One getting the picture, SCREEN.

Down — 1.Drop, OMIT; 2. NORA Barnacle, James Joyce’s wife and muse; 3. Drop in library use?, BOOK RETURN; 4. Will ARNETT of “30 Rock”; 5. Looks, SEEMS; 6. Cause of some turbulence, EDDY; 7. Storied storyteller, BARON MUNCHAUSEN; 8. “Casablanca” crook, UGARTE; 9. Pea-brained researcher?, MENDEL; 10. Real mess, SNAFU; 11. Gucci contemporary, DIOR; 12. “Crucifixion of St. Peter” painter, RENI; 13. Army E-6: Abbr., SSGT; 16. Hoofed it?, CLOPPED; 20. Singer John WAITE with the 1984 #1 hit “Missing You”; 23. Ready to dress down, say, MAD AT; 24. Ecuadorean province named for its gold production, EL ORO; 25. Bygone telecom, GTE; 27. What half of a battery is next to, STRIKE ZONE; 28. Concert itinerary listing, ARENA; 29. Easily taken in?, TASTY; 31. City on the Ouse, ELY; 32. PNC Park (Pirates’ stadium); 34. Its bottles feature red triangles, BASS ALE; 35. Big name in heating and air-conditioning, TRANE; 36. Hyperion’s daughter, EOS; 41. Suffuses, IMBUES; 42. Cry when rubbing it in, TOLD YA; 43. Comparable (with), ON A PAR; 45. Carne, ASADA; 46. Like some ancient Mexicans, OLMEC; 47. Weapons inspector HANS Blix; 48. Hawaiian fish, OPAH; 49. No place for a free ride: Abbr., TPKE; 50. Restaurant attachments?, BIBS; 51. It’s at one end of I-79, ERIE; 52. Suez Crisis weapon, STEN.


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