06.16.14 — Letter B

Monday, June 16, 2014

Puzzle by Bruce Height / Edited by Will Shortz

B TEAM (11D. Subs … or a feature of the answers to the 17 asterisked clues?), plus those answers containing the letter B constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword:

BULB (1A. *Replaceable part of a lamp)
BABAS (9A. *Rum-soaked cakes)
BABE Ruth (*15A., plus “Sultan of SWAT“, nickname at 15-Across)
BLUEBEARD (17A. *Villainous noble of a classic French tale)
BIRDBRAIN (21A. *Dodo)
BARBELL (27A. *Bench-pressing equipment)
BANK BRANCH (34A. *Neighborhood financial institution)
BELA BARTOK (43A. *Hungarian composer whose only opera is about 17-Across)
BIG BAND (49A. *The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, e.g.)
BEEF BROTH (58A. *Base of many gravies)
BEER BELLY (66A. *Physical attribute of Homer Simpson)
BIBS (1D. *Things to drool over?)
BREAK BREAD (4D. *Have a meal)
BUGBEAR (9D. *Bogeyman)
BARB (27D. *Part of a fishhook)
BACK BITER (32D. *Ones who criticize others in their absence)
BUS BOYS (44D. *Restaurant staffers)


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