12.01.13 — Back in Black

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Puzzle by Alan DerKazarian / Edited by Will Shortz

With GREAT DIVIDE (27A. Passage from life to death) and BACK IN BLACK (98A. 1980 hard rock album that went 2x platinum … or a hint to how to cross this puzzle’s 27-Across) this odd Sunday crossword, with four black squares standing in for the word BACK, results in the following interlocked entries:

  • THERE AND [BACK] AGAIN (39A and 41A. Roundtrip … or the subtitle of “The Hobbit”) with TURNS [BACK] THE CLOCK (13D and 45D. Revisits an earlier time)
  • HUMP [BACK] WHALE (48A and 49A. Aquatic singer) with WON’T [BACK] DOWN (30D and 54D. Stands one’s ground)
  • PAPER [BACK] BOOK (75A and 78A. Inexpensive reprint, maybe) with FEED [BACK] LOOP (59D and 82D. Cause of an audio squeal)
  • BROKE [BACK] MOUNTAIN (89A and 90A. 2005 nominee for Best Picture) with BEND OVER [BACK]WARDS (47D and 94D. Try very hard)

Other — CONCLAVES (60A. Private gatherings), DENTAL CARIES (4D. Tooth decay, to professionals), LACROSSE BALL (61D. It’s caught by a stick on a field), LOSS LEADER (95A. Steeply discounted product, maybe), MENTAL NOTE (31A. Unwritten reminder), MOTOR POOL (51D. Collection of vehicles available to personnel).

Oh well, why not...

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