12.14.13 — Commando


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. 2015 Toronto event, PAN AM GAMES; 11. Office staples, PCS; 14. Slide, DETERIORATE; 15. Protagonist in David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest”, HAL; 18. “Corpus Christi” playwright, TERRENCE MCNALLY; 18. Ones united in France?, ETATS; 19. Manufacturer of boxy cars, OTIS; 20. Treasure, LOVE; 21. Loose end?, NESS; 22. “Return to Never Land” role”, SMEE; 23. Darkroom chemical solution, FIXER; 2. Pickle, JAM; 25. Big gun, VIP; 26. U.S. city that’s almost as large in area as Delaware, ANCHORAGE ALASKA; 35. Pat of a French cabinet, FOREIGN MINISTER; 36. Jumbo, e.g., TRAINED ELEPHANT; 37. Shpilkes, ANTS IN ONE’S PANTS; 38. Certain shell contents, TNT; 39. Joan Sebastian’s ESO y Más”; 40. Pull out all the stops, GO BIG; 43. Miracle site, CANA; 45. Latin primer word, AMAT; 49. Hip to, UP ON; 50. Enterprise Klingon, WORF; 51. Close call, SCARE; 52. Forrest Tucker’s “F Troop” role, SERGEANT O’ROURKE; 55 X-TRA large; 56. What solidifies things in the end?, RIGOR MORTIS; 57. Member of the E Street Band, SAX; 58. Bit of forensic evidence, BLOOD STAIN.

Spanish Dancer c. 1879–82, John Singer Sargent

Down — 1. Golfer PEETE Calvin; 2. Quattro relatives, ATRAS; 3. Quaint complaint, NERTS; 4. Husband of Otrera, ARES; 5. TV ad unit: Abbr., MIN; 8. Not cover one’s butt?, GO COMMANDO; 7. Formation from glaciation, ARETE; 8. Former first lady, MAMIE; 9. List-ending abbrs., ETCS; 10. When repeated, a breath freshener, SEN; 11. Jacob’s-ladder, for one, PHLOX; 12. Make a little lower?, CALVE; 13. More artful, SLYER; 14. Tank gun first produced by the Soviets in W.W. II, D-TEN; 17. Ottoman ruler nicknamed “The Lion, ALI PASHA; 22. 19th-/20th-century U.S. portraitist, SARGENT; 23. FILIPPO Brunelleschi, Italian Renaissance architect who developed linear perspective; 24. Coupling, JOINING; 25. 1958 41-Down by Samuel Barber, VANESSA; 26. Mennen line, AFTA; 27. Scandinavian goddess of fate, NORN; 28. Suffix with Pluto-, CRAT; 29. “Ocean’s Eleven” activity, HEISTING; 30. Cagney classic of 1935, G-MEN; 31. Big name in modeling agencies, EILEEN FORD; 32. “South Park” boy, STAN; 33. The Garden of England, KENT; 34. Song and dance, ARTS; 40. Flag wavers?, GUSTS; 41. 25-Down, for one, OPERA; 42. Common cleanser, BORAX; 43. Neighbor of Gabon, CONGO; 44. Holder of Leia’s secret, ARTOO; 45. Legend maker, ACURA; 46. Cuban revolutionary Jose MARTI; 47. “Little Miss Sunshine” co-star, ARKIN; 48. Souvenir buys, TEES; 50. Keen, WAIL; 51. Flue problem, SOOT; 53. Literary inits., ERB; 54. Real-estate listing abbr., RMS.


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