12.23.13 — Take It to the Bank

Old Shawneetown, Illinois Bank at Night, National Register #72000459
Constructed in 1839-1841 to house the offices of the Bank of Illinois


Monday, December 23, 2013

Edited by Will Shortz

TAKE IT TO THE BANK (39A. “Believe you me!” … or what you can do with the start of 18-, 24-, 53- or 63-Across?), SPERM WHALE (18A. Mammal with the largest brain of any animal), PIGGYBACKING (24A. Riding on someone else’s shoulders), RIVER PHOENIX (53A. Young Indiana Jones portrayer) and FOG MACHINE (63A. Dry-ice contraption for theatrical effect) constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.

Other — Newspaperman ADOLPH Ochs; AXIOMS (52D. Self-evident truths), BREASTS (51A. Chicken pieces that aren’t legs, thighs or wings), COQ au vin, EPOCHS (49D. Pleistocene and Eocene, for two), EYES and OJOS (44A. Peepers; 35A. 44-Across, en español), METHANE (28A. Marsh gas), Je ne sais QUOI, RIP Van Winkle, SCRIBE (8D. Professional writer), “Auld Lang SYNE”, THE HAT (50D. Something to pass at a fund-raiser), TOMCAT (9D. Philanderer, in slang).


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