12.17.13 — NBA


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Puzzle by Paula Gamache / Edited by Will Shortz

NBA (54A. Org. found in the answer to each asterisked clue), along with TIN BADGE, KEVIN BACON, ONION BAGEL, GREEN BAY, SUN BATH, WIN BACK, PINBALL and OPEN BAR constitutes the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword:

TIN BADGE (17A. *Sheriff’s insignia, in old westerns)
KEVIN BACON (29A. *Actor named in a “Six Degrees” game)
ONION BAGEL (46A. *Tangy breakfast item)
GREEN BAY (59A. *Packers’ hometown)
SUNBATH (3D. *Tanning method)
WIN BACK (11D. *Recover, as lost love)
PINBALL (40D. *Tommy’s game in the Who’s rock opera “Tommy”)
OPEN BAR (44D. *Feature of many a charity gala)

Other — Jennifer ANISTON of “Friends”, BIG IDEA (6D. Grandiose proposal), “Seinfeld” ex-girlfriend ELAINE, Author HENRY James, KOALAS (57A. Supercute marsupials), NIGEL Bruce who played Dr. Watson, ONE NOTE (39D. Lacking in variety), RAIN HAT (2D. Galoshes go-with), SCENE V (7D. Part of many a Shakespearean act), Singer BARBRA Streisand, SPIT ON (37D. Show disdain for, in a way), TONNAGE (45D. Ship’s carrying capacity).


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