12.21.13 — Word-Cross

Word Cross Puzzle by Arthur Wynne
New York Sunday World, December 21, 1903


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Edited by Will Shortz

NEW YORK / SUNDAY WORLD / ARTHUR WYNNE / MCMXIII (6A. With 20-Across, where the first-ever crossword puzzle appeared / Creator of the first crossword / 59A. Year in which the first crossword appeared, on December 21) constitute the interrelated group of this 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle, featuring a shaded area resembling the diamond shape of that first crossword.

Other — AMIDALA (22D. “Star Wars” queen and senator); Had A COW (flipped), DALAI LAMA (58A. 1989 Peace Nobelist), DEWCLAW (23D. Canine vestigial structure); EL GALLO (7D. Jerry Orbach role in “The Fantasticks”); ESSENTIAL (31D. Like many nutrients); FUNGICIDE (16A. Jojoba oil is a natural one), GREENLAND (3D. Noted geographical misnomer), KREWE (12D. Mardi Gras group); LORELEI (37. Rock singer?), SOLEMNER (14A. Less light?).


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS:  1. Girl’s name in #1 1973 and 1974 song titles; 13. Reserved parking; 15. Form of many a birthday cake; 17. Lead-in to now; 18. Home of MacDill Air Force Base; 24. Legal attachment?; 25. Light unit; 26. Acclaim for picadors; 28. Certain sultan’s subjects; 30. They’re not team players; 34. Lab dept.; 35. La ___ (California resort and spa); 38. Extended trial; 38. Not for the general public; 39. Morlocks’ enemy; 41. Saxony, e.g.; 42. Shot,; 49. Kingdom vanquished by Hammurabi; 51. Actor Tom of “The Seven Year Itch”; 52. Ranch sobriquet; 53. 1989 Peace Nobelist; 55. Aviary sound; 57. To a fault; 58. Fruit whose name comes from Arawak; 60. Firth, e.g.  DOWN — 1. Where vaults can be seen; 2. Jacket style; 3. Noted geographical misnomer; 4. “South Park” boy; 5. Basic Latin verb; 6. Hobbyist, e.g.; 8D. Early Chinese dynasty; 9. Neighborhood org. since 1844; 10. Chilling; 11. Mulligans, e.g.; 14. Big sport overseas?; 16. Babe in the woods; 18. Sailors’ chains; 21. Cit of the Firth of Tay; 27. High-hatting; 28. Cortes’s quest; 29. Graffiti, say; 31.2. 1, for one: Abbr.; 33. Poor, as an excuse; 38. Key never used by itself; 40. Formal confession; 41. Toni Morrison novel; 42. Obscure; 43. Like some vin; 44. R. J. Reynolds brand; 46. Borders; 47. Brass; 48. Hemingway, notably; 50. T. J. ___; 54. “Vous etes ___”; 55. Staple of sci-fi filmmaking; 56. Ostrogoth enemy.

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