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Harajuku Girl


Friday, December 6, 2013

Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Innocent one, BAMBI; 6. Short shift?, MINI; 10. Judgmental clucks, TSKS; 14. Influential style of the 1960s, OP ART; 16. Home of Sunset and Paradise, UTAH; 17. Pitching staff work areas, SALES ROOMS; 19. Plea opener, NOLO; 20. Coffee order, CREAM AND SUGAR; 22. Theology inst.; SEM; 23. “Praise the Lord!”; GLORY BE; 26. Stanley & Iris” director Martin RITT; 29. A bit of cheer?, RAH; 32. “Aw sorry about that …”; TOO BAD; 33. Here, to Henri, ICI; 34. B, to scientists, BORON; 36. Untwisted silk fibers, FLOSS; 37. Ganache ingredient, MELTED CHOCOLATE; 40. Brisbane buddies, MATES; 41. Country that split in two in 2011, SUDAN; 42. 22-Across subj., REL; 43. Puts on a pedestal, EXALTS; 45. Door sign, MEN; 46. Combines, ADDS; 47. Cold war defense system, DEW LINE; 49. Semi part, CAB; 51. Dancers known for their Japanese street-style wardrobe, HARAJUKU GIRLS; 57. Water bearer, PAIL; 59. Singer whose first top 10 hit was “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”, CELINE DION; 60. In Australia her name is Karen, SIRI; 61. 1980s Chrysler offering, K CAR; 62. Harper Lee‘s given name, NELLE; 63. Castaway‘s spot, ISLE; 64. Amtrak stops: Abbr., STNS; 65. “Skyfall“ singer: ADELE.

Sir Edmond Hillary's Ice Axe by Mshulist, Auckland Museums

Down — 1. “The aristocrat of pears”, BOSC; 2. On a PAR with; 3. Like one end of an electric cord, MALE; 4. Nursing locale, BREAST; 5. “Hello, IT’S ME”; 6. Subatomic particle more massive than an election, MUON; 7. Many a museum audio guide, IPOD; 8. Chinese menu words, NO MSG; 9. Relative of a raspberry, INSULT; 10. Sushi order, TUNA ROLL; 11. Plot device?, STORYBOARD; 12. Early “Doctor Who” villain, KAL; 13. “Nurse Jackie” channel, for short, SHO; 18. Musket loader, RAMROD; 21. Make jokes about, GOOF ON; 24. Like many turkeys, BASTED; 25. Collectible cars, EDSELS; 26. Encircled, RIMMED; 27. Producer of cold cuts?, ICE AXE; 28. Carnival ride since 1927, TILT-A-WHIRL; 30. Ones going in circles?, ARCS; 31. [Zzzzz], HO HUM; 34. Get moving, BESTIR; 35. Anatomical knot, NODE; 38. Prevaricate, TELL A LIE; 39. Popular spring break locale, CANCUN; 44. They may be offered by way of concessions, SNACKS; 46. Withstood, ABIDED; 48. Deplane in moments, EJECT; 50. NASA’s Gemini rocket, AGENA; 52. ULAN Bator; 53. Wine-and-cassis drinks, KIRS; 54. Make angry, RILE; 55. Idle, LOLL; 56. “The Mikado” weapon, SNEE; 57. Penultimate Greek letter, PSI; 58. Grafton’s “A IS for Alibi”.


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