12.07.13 — Undiscovered

Alien tripod illustration by Alvim Correa, 
from the 1906 French Edition of H.G. Wells' 'War of the Worlds'


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Big name in 25-Across treatment, PROACTIV; 9. Air piece?, BB GUN; 14. Shrugs, maybe, HAS NO IDEA; 16. Take it as a sign, PULSE; 17. “The Help” co-star, 2011, EMMA STONE; 18. Decorative moldings, OGEES; 19. First of a succession of 13, LEO I; 20. Coot, OLD GEEZER; 22. Johnny-jump-up, e.g., PANSY; 24. Nude medium, often, OIL; 25. See 1-Across, ACNE; 27. 90 degrees from ouest, SUD; 28. Really, EVER SO; 31. Area map, PLAT; 32. ÉTATS d'âme (moods: Fr.); 33. Alternative to 53-Down; PUMA; 34. Secures, OBTAINS; 37. She’s no puritan, JEZEBEL; 40. Farm sounds, BAAS; 41. Station, e.g., AIRER; 42. Repulsive, ICKY; 43. Get out of practice?, DISBAR; 45. Sportscaster STU Nahan with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; 48. Keel extension, SKEG; 49. Unrefined type, OAF; 50. Key setting OCEAN; 52. Like eggheads, BOOK SMART; 56. Stockholder’s group?, HERD; 57. Universal work, MOVIE; 58. Hack, say, BREAK INTO; 60. Nonstop, ON END; 61. Evidence of having worn thongs, SANDAL TAN; 62. Little ones are calves, BERGS; 63. Player of many a tough guy, STALLONE.

Down — 1. Olympian on 2004 and 2012 Wheaties boxes, PHELPS; 2. Bach contemporary, RAMEAU; 3. Onetime pop star who hosted “Pyramid”, OSMOND; 4. First name in erotica, ANAIS; 5. Fortune subjects: Abbr., COS; 6. Stalin defier, TITO; 7. Stargazer’s focus?, IDOL; 8. Street fair lineup, VENDORS; 9. Lodge o rg., BPOE; 10. Fryer seen at a cookout?, BUG ZAPPPER; 11. Harvard has an all-male one, GLEE CLUB; 12. Creation for many an account, USER NAME; 13. Super Mario Bros. Runner, NES; 15. Backing, AEGIS; 21. ELO rating (chess skill-level measure); 23. So-far-undiscovered one, YETI; 26. Name-dropper’s abbr., ET AL; 29. Aid in making one’s move?, VAN; 30. So-far-undiscovered ones, briefly, ETS; 32. Like a type B, EASY-GOING; 34. Geishas often draw them, OBIS; 35. Wimp’s lack, BACKBONE; 36. Wrest the reins, TAKE OVER; 37. Crane arm, JIB; 38. Ace’s stat, ERA; 39. Open love?, ZERO; 41. To the degree that, AS FAR AS; 43. What mops may be made into, DOS; 44. Feet with rhythm, IAMBS; 45. Dealt with, SEEN TO; 46. Abercrombie design, TARTAN; 47. Brought to ruin, UNDONE; 51. Kick back, CHILL; 53. Alternative to 33-Across, KEDS; 54. Ripped, RENT; 55. Drumroll follower, TA DA; 57. Group with family units, MOB; 59. Actor KAL Penn of “Van Wilder”.


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