12.19.13 — Oil and Water

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Edited by Will Shortz

Three squares containing the word OIL and three containing WATER, along with a rippled group of across separation lines in the center of the puzzle, accompanied by the entry LIKE WATER AND OIL (36A. Incompatible) as the dividing line for ten doubled-up entries, constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.  The OIL and WATER group:

  • REC[OIL]S (4D. Jumps back) with TIN F[OIL] (20A. Food wrap)
  • ET V[OIL]A (10D. Cry at an unveiling) with [OIL] LAMP (22A. Light for Aladdin)
  • BR[OIL]ER (34A. Chicken for dinner) with T[OIL]ET [WATER] (31D. Lightly scented perfume) and HOT [WATER] BAG (43A. Soother of an aching joint)
  • ICE [WATER] (50D. “L’chaim,” literally) with SEA [WATER] (62A. Brine)
  • LOW [WATER] (52D. Ideal condition in which to ford a stream) with [WATER] SKI (64A. Wakeboard relative)

There are ten divided entries separated by LIKE WATER AND OIL, mixed with no relation to each other, a bit like water and oil.  The bottom half of this puzzle is numbered differently in the print and electronic versions (this post follows the electronic numbering):

  • CAPTAIN America / LAST PASS (1D. / 36D. Final maneuver)
  • ARTICLE I / WHEELIE (2D. It gives Congress the power to declare war / Cyclist’s stunt)
  • TRANCES / KEY ARENA (3D. Séance phenomena / Seattle Center Coliseum, since 1995)
  • BANANAS / OUTLINES (11D. Fruit or nuts / Silhouettes)
  • CLEMENT I / RAT FINK (12D. Fourth pope / Snitch)
  • DEEP RED / LIBRETTI (13D. Crimson / Opera texts)
  • TUBA / TODDLER (25D. Big band member / Wee one)
  • SLR / TATE (26D. Camera type, briefly / London gallery)
  • TRE / RIBS (27D. Numero di R’s in “arrivederci” / Razzes)
  • RARA avis / MAITRE D’ (28D. Two- or four-seater, maybe)

Other — COLOR TV (18A. Living room fixture since the ‘50s), EXED OUT (15A. Canceled), Rio NEGRO (Amazon feeder), ROMANCE (4A. Woo), WAHOO (37D. Rebel yell).


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