12.27.13 — Good Catch!

Harrison High School's Michael Hodorowski makes a diving catch to save a run at Lassiter High School during game 1 for Class AAAAA baseball championship on Saturday, May 29, 2010 (Georgia). JOHNNY CRAWFORD / JCRAWFORD@AJC.COM


Friday, December 27, 2013

Puzzle by Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Compliment after a dive, GOOD CATCH; 10. Word with cellar or door, STORM; 15. 2012 billion-dollar Facebook acquisition, INSTAGRAM; 16. Dermatologist’s case, TINEA; 17. Things employed to show the passage of time à la “Citizen Kane”, NEWSREELS; 18. Some saucers, SLEDS; 19. Mixed USE; 20. ‘50s-’60s sitcom nickname, BEAV; 21. Cant, LIST; 22. Identifies, PEGS; 24. Small jerk, TIC; 26. Accord, SYNCH; 27. Brown refreshers, COLAS; 30. Caustic soda, chemically, NAOH; 32. TAE kwon do; 33. Gridiron datum: Abbr., INT; 34. So-called “potted physician”, ALOE VERA; 36. Oscar-nominated film featuring a dentist-turned bounty hunter, DJANGO UNCHAINED; 40. Home of Sky Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, AUCKLAND; 41. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” girl, EVA; 42. Morse bit, DIT; 43. Contrarian’s abbreviation, OTOH; 44. Island where Artemis was born, DELOS; 47. Phishing lures, SCAMS; 49. Disperse, SOW; 51. Double STUF Oreo; 55. Lead-in to type, TELE; 54. Two-master, BRIG; 57. Sushi fish, TAI; 58. Leader of Uganda’s independence movement, OBOTE; 60. Subject of a landmark 2012 Supreme Court decision, OBAMACARE; 62. Dice, BONES; 63. Final say, VETO POWER; 64. Apply, EXERT; 65. Like Albert Einstein, ethnically, ASHKENAZI.

Down — 1. Add zip to, GIN UP; 2. “Hold on …”, ONE SEC; 3. Port on Lake Ontario, OSWEGO; 4. Result of drying out, maybe, DTS; 5. Pasta, e.g., informally, CARB; 6. “The African Queen” screenwriter, AGEE; 7. Attempt to cure, TREAT; 8. “Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat” duo, CALVIN AND HOBBES; 9. Bounty letters HMS; 10. E. F and G in D.C., STS; 11. Jennifer TILLY of “Bound”; 12. Quite a long shot, ONE IN TEN; 13. Cause for some blacklisting, RED SCARE; 14. Who’s who in publishing?, MASTHEAD; 23. Move furtively, SLINK; 25. Class graded on a curve?, CALC; 26. Gather at harvest, SHEAVE; 28. Whites, informally, ANGLOS; 29. Brown coat, STOAT; 31. Expressed some delight, OOHED; 35. Perfume holders, VIALS; 36. Some Lamaze assistants, DADS TO BE; 37. Drink with a straw, JUICE BOX; 38. Have no help, ACT ALONE; 39. Some, in Salamanca, UNOS; 46. Parliamentary home, OTTAWA; 46. Newsman Ray SUAREZ; 46. What stress may be good for, METER; 50. “Roasted in WRATH and fire”: Hamlet; 52. Guy FIERI with a cooking show; 55. Reassuring comment after a fall, I’M OK; 58. Wide breach, GAPE; 59. What means the most at the end?, EST; 50. Beginnings of life, OVA; 61. Bilk, CON.


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