12.12.13 — Erasing Rs

The letter R, Poziomka


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

A note accompanies this crossword — After this puzzle was created, the constructor did something to 11 squares - as suggested by a two-word reading of 63-Across before alteration.  Erasing the eleven Rs of the puzzle so that the clues make sense is the main feature of this confusing Thursday crossword:

The acrosses, with the crossing downs:

RAMBLER (17A. Stroll) with CORNERS and AT REST
GRAMMAR (18A. Kind of ray), with SARGE and NERDS
RELY (27A. Town in England or Nevada) with CORNERS
COVERT (38A. Want selfishly), MR AND MRS
SURE (51A. Seek damages) with SHRINER
MARINER (60A. Bath locale) with CONDORS and MR AND MRS
ERASERS (63A. Moderates), meant to be read as EASES, ERASERS and ERASE  RS, with SABER and SHINER

Other — CEDILLA (1A. Letter attachment?), DEMILLE (3D. “Samson and Delilah” director), DEVO (31D. Band parodied by Weird Al Yankvic’s “Dare to Be Stupid”), EPAULET (2D. Military attachment), ESIASON (8A. Boomer born in 1961), ETHANE (46D. Gas wit or without an “m”), ONIONS (33A. Tearjerkers?), OPEN OUT (15A. Operate like a fan), PAD THAI (53A. Dish garnished with a lime wedge), SAMOANS (12D. Subjects of Margaret Mead study), SYSTEMS analyst, TWIT (39D. Chucklehead).


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Unknown said...

To users of the Magmic app: Enter the R's in the blanks as if they belonged there. Only then will the app mark the puzzle complete.