12.11.13 — Quote Puzzle

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Puzzle by Steve Savoy / Edited by Will Shortz

IF AT FIRST / THE IDEA IS / NOT ABSURD THEN /THERE IS NO / HOPE FOR IT (18A. Start of a quote about creativity by 58-Across / 39-Down) and ALBERT EINSTEIN (58A. With 39-Down, speaker of this puzzle’s quote) constitutes the main feature of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — BORDELLO (3D. Red light locale), CELTIC (47D. Larry Bird, during his playing days), DEEJAY (49D. Wedding hiree), GO BAD and ROT (1A and 62D. Become inedible), MINOLTA (44A. Bygone Japanese camera brand), MUFTI (7D. G.I.‘s civvies), TIMIDLY (29A. In the manner of a milquetoast), YENTL (69A. Cross-dressing role for Streisand).


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