12.10.13 — M and M ...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Puzzle by Bill Thompson / Edited by Will Shortz

Think double MA, ME, MI, MO and MU and then there is that distracting M AND M (55A. Plain or peanut candy), the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword:

MAGIC MARKER (17A. Pen with a fat felt tip)
MEDICINE MEN (31A. Aboriginal healers)
MISS MISSISSIPPI (36A. Annual Vicksburg pageant)
MODEST MOUSE (45A. Band with the 2007 #1 album “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank”)
MUCKETY MUCK (59A. Pooh-bah)

Other — DANCIN’ (47D. 1978 Bob Fosse musical), DREAM TEAMS (23A. All-star lineups), ENVY and SINS (50D. Green-eyed monster; 28D. 50-Down and others), MMES (56D. Sras., across the Pyrenees), ORANGE (46D. Actual color of an airplane’s black box), Mani-PEDI, PORN (NSFW material), SERPENTINE (53A. Like Lombard Street in San Francisco).


A little something from Modest Mouse...

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