12.25.13 — Golden Rings


Wednesday, December 25, 2013 — Christmas Day 

Puzzle by Jacob Stulberg / Edited by Will Shortz

FIVE GOLDEN RINGS (41A. One set of gifts in “The 12 Days of Christmas” … as suggested by the circled squares?), along with those “rings”, RULE, MEAN, SLUMBERS, HORN and GATE constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Book with "Dieu, la Loi, et le Roi" on one page and the golden rule on the other, by Bernard d'Agesci

Other — AFORESAID (10D. Raised above?), ANGEL (70A. Christmas Tree decoration), DUMB and NUMB (38A and 18A. Senseless), EMBERS (26D Poker targets?), ICARUS (48D. Hubristic flier of myth), KABUKI (9D. Japanese dance-drama), LACROSSE (59A. Sport not played officially in the Olympics since 1908), LAVAS (29D. Aa and pahoehoe), OSSETIA (47A. Rebellious region of the Caucasus), RECESSION (37D. Downturn),  STEELIER (20A. Stronger and harder), SYRIAC (50D. Ancient Mideast language), WEIRS (28D. Small dams).


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