12.28.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Puzzle by Frederick J. Healy / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Gut-busting side, JUMBO FRIES; 11. Port. Title, SRTA; 15. Alternative to 1-Across, ONION RINGS; 16. Some GPS suggestions, informally, UIES; 17. Shooting star?, GUNSLINGER; 18. College figs., GPAS; 19. It means little in the Lowlands, SMA; 20. Trimming gizmo, EDGER; 21. Like floppy disks, e.g., PASSE; 22. Vino de PAGO (Spanish wine designation); Red shade, GARNET; 24. Santa Ana wind source, MOJAVE; 27. It may be up against the wall, STUCCO; 29. Bring out, EDUCE; 30. 1975 hit song about “tramps like us”, BORN TO RUN; 33. Like Athena, WISE; 34. Sharon’s predecessor, BARAK; 35. Fig. for I, O or U, but not A or E, AT NO; 36. It may be said while wearing a toga, LET’S PARTY; 38. Manual series, STEPS; 39. Phoenix suburb larger than the Midwest city it’s named for, PEORIA; 40. Break through, PIERCE; 41. Princess of ballet, ODETTE; 43. Like red bell peppers, MILD; 44. Orders, FIATS; 45. Key ring?, ATOLL; 47. Scoutmaster, often, DAD; 50. The moment that, ONCE; 51. It’s not drawn due to gravity, SMILEY FACE; 53. Co-star in the U.S. premiere of “Waiting for Godot,” 1956, LAHR; 54. Pride and joy, SENTIMENTS; 55. Abstainers, DRYS; 56. Question from a bully, ANYONE ELSE.

Down — 1. Slight pushes, JOGS; 2. One at the U.S. Mint?, UNUM; 3. Jonathan’s wife in “Dracula”, MINA; 4. A. L. East team, on sports tickers, BOS; 5. Like many pregnant women, ON LEAVE; 6. Where to get a cold comfort?, FRIDGE; 7. #1 spoken-word hit of 1964, RINGO; 8. “My Son is a Splendid Driver” novelist, 1971, INGE; 9. Castle of EGER (Hungarian tourist draw); 10. Old map abbr., SSR; 11. Like some pills and lies, SUGAR COATED; 12. Dilly, RIP SNORTER; 13. Bait, TEASE; 14. Listing on I.R.S. Form 8949, ASSET; 21. Summit success, PACT; 22. Front runners, PACE SETTERS; 23. Engine buildup, GUNK; 24. Sound like a baby, MEWL; 25. Cartoon pooch, ODIE; 26. Hunky-dory, JUST PEACHY; 27. Rather informal?, SORTA; 28. Printer part, TRAY; 30. Port on the Adriatic, BARI; 31. Like Bill Maher, notably, UN PC; 32 Supporter of shades, NOSE; 34. Unembellished, BARE; 37. Stock to put stock in, POTS; 38. Verbal alternative to a head slap, SILLY ME; 40. Go for a car-cramming record, say, PILE IN; 41 Anciently, OF OLD; 42. Tunisian money, DINAR; 43. MOLTO presto; 46. Devotional period?, AMEN; 46. Insignificant, TINY; 47. Twain’s “celebrated jumping frog”, DAN'L; 48. Talent show lineup, ACTS; 49. “DESE Bones G’wine Rise Again” (spiritual); 51. Important card source: Abbr., SSA; 52. Deterrent to lateness or cancellation, FEE.


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