12.02.13 — Wolf!

Little Red Riding Hood — a depiction by Gustave Doré


Monday, December 2, 2013

Puzzle by Adam G. Perl / Edited by Will Shortz

LITTLE / RED / RIDING / HOOD along with BIG / BAD / WOLF (34A. With 61-Down, description of the 1-Across; 1A. Villain in the tale named by the starts of 20-, 32-, 41- and 52-Across) constitutes the interrelated group of this sweet Monday crossword:

LITTLE LEAGUE (20A. “The Bad News Bears” activity)
RED HERRINGS (32A. Supposed hints that mislead)
RIDING MOWER (41A. Lawn tractor)
HOOD ORNAMENT (52A. Jaguar on the front of a Jaguar, e.g.)

Other — AREOLA (29A Colored part of the iris), CODDLE (45D. Treat like a baby), DAVE Letterman of late-night, ERE LONG (9D. Soon, old-style), GREENER (43D. Like the grass on the other side, in a saying), INERTIA (42D. Subject of Newton’s first law of motion), ON A TEAR (5D. Running wild), OXYGEN (27A. Scuba tank content).


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