12.20.13 — The Friday Crossword

Phobos and Mars, image made with Celestia © Guillermo Abramson 


Friday, December 20, 2013

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Locale that often includes a wet bar and large-screen TV, MAN CAVE; 8. Picture with a number, MUG SHOT; 15. Where it never gets above zero degrees?, EQUATOR; 16. One going around the bases?, USO TOUR; 17. Ends of some films, SUNSETS; 18. Warm-up?, DÉTENTE; 19. Greasy spoon order, HASH; 20. Where a bud hangs out, EAR; 22. Successfully lure, ROPE IN; 23. Kind of figure, CARTOON; 26. Highlighted, say, DYED; 27. Toss, SCRAP; 30. Mexican revolutionary of 1910, ZAPATA; 32. Moon of Mars, PHOBOS; 24. Draft pick?, SAM ADAMS; 38. Electric EEL; 39. Jacket option, LEATHER; 41. “NOT bad!”; 42. Much of the Plains States, CROPLAND; 44. Palliate, SOOTHE; 46. Staple of the house in “The Real World”, HOT TUB; 48. Still, INERT; 49. “VAYA con Dios”; 52. Transport for Miss Gulch, in “The Wizard of Oz”, BICYCLE; 54. What a chair needs, AGENDA; 56. Hawaiian for “white”, KEA; 57. PC whiz, TECH; 61. Controversial 1715 measure of Parliament, RIOT ACT; 63. Touch-type?, BRAILLE; 65. Infomercial testimonial, IT WORKS; 66. Reply to a schoolmistress, YES MA’AM; 67. It clears the air, GAS MASK; 68. “The Hangover” co-star, ED HELMS.

Apollo Belvedere - Roman copy after a Greek bronze original of 330-320 BC attributed to Leochares.  Found in the late 15th century.  
Vatican Museum.

Down — 1. Go well (with), MESH; 2. Soft shade, AQUA; 3. “The Sound of Music” chorus, NUNS; 4. TV game show on the “Discovery Channel, 2005-12, CASH CAB; 5. Loved, with “up”, ATE; 6. Person behind a curtain, maybe, VOTER; 7. Unreal, ERSATZ; 8. Joe, MUD; 9. Handles online, USER NAMES; 10. Attend, GO TO; 11. Edward Murdstone to David Copperfield, STEPDAD; 12. Sugar, HONEY; 13. Certain belly button, OUTIE; 14. What polling may reveal, TREND; 24. APOLLO Belvedere (classic sculpture in the Vatican); 25. Great white shark prey, OPAH; 27. Particular, informally, SPEC; 28. “Clueless” protagonist, CHER; 29. Hershey candy, ROLO; 31. Distilled pine product, TAR OIL; 33. Places to find in-flight magazines, SEAT BACKS; 35. Advance on a table, ANTE; 36. Actor Jay MOHR of “Jerry Maguire”; 37. Leave in, STET; 40. Lock opener?, ANTI; 43. Unreal, PHANTOM; 46. Former, ONE TIME; 47. “So long”, BYE BYE; 49. South American carrier founded in 1927, VARIG; 50. Heartburn, AGITA; 51. Cries of pain, YEOWS; 53. Nursed, with “for”, CARED; 55. DARA Torres, four-time Olympic swimming gold medalist; 58. Company that follows Shin Bet security procedures, EL AL; 59. Tight-lipped sort, CLAM; 60. Border lines?, HEMS; 62. “Bad!”, TSK; 64. Popular wood for wood chips, ASH.


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