12.08.13 — Two Outs

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

TWO OUTS, Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

In this cool Sunday crossword, twelve two-different-words/phrases have the same letters in the same order, along with clues that refer to both the full-letter answer and the minus-two-letter answer: 

  • S[H]ANGRI-[L]A (20A. Red wine drinker’s paradise?); Sangria Shangri-La
  • CUR[V]E[B]ALL (24A. Pitch that fixes everything?); Cure-all curve ball
  • LIB[E]R[T]ARIAN (22A. Employee at the Ron Paul Archive?); Libertarian librarian
  • SIMO[N] LE[B]ON (26A. Dollar bill featuring a portrait of Duran Duran’s lead singer?); Simon LeBon simoleon
  • LIT[T]ER[M]ATE (47A. The one puppy that can read?); Literate littermate
  • MAE[L]STRO[M] (53A. Creator of perfect whirlpools?); Maelstrom mastro
  • PENN[Y]-ANT[E] (83A. Minor-league championship flag?); Penny-ante pennant
  • E[A]ST [O]RANGE (86A. Alienate New Jersey city?); Estrange East Orange 
  • F[E]ATHER[B]ED (109A. Begat a soft place to sleep?); Fathered featherbed
  • BATT[L]E [C]RY (113A. “Charge!,” to Duracells?); Battery battle cry
  • HAPP[Y] EN[D]ING (117A. Satisfying finale coming to pass?); Happy ending happening
  • BRA[I]N DE[A]D (119A. Labeled idiotic?); Branded brain-dead

Other — ADENOID (39D. Of the lymph glands), ANVIL (12D. Percussion instrument in “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”), DONKEY (74D. Elephant’s opposite, symbolically), ERNESTO Miranda of the Miranda warning, MARNIE (100D. Last Hitchcock film with Tippi Hedren), well, there were only two, MARTHA’S Vineyard, NOMINEE (81D. Excited Oscars attendee), OSPREYS (63D. Fish hawks), SLEEKLY and SLENDER (102A. How sports cars are contoured; 33A. Willowy), TEENA MARIE (55D. “Lovergirl” singer), TIN EAR (23D. Would-be singers’ liabilities), WEST BERLIN (30D. Site of a 1963 J.F.K. speech).


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