04.06.14 — At Times...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

“At Times” — Puzzle by Patrick Berry
Edited by Will Shortz

Nine redefined otherwise-common phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

MEDICINE DROPPER (23A. Clumsy pharmacist, at times?)
COLT REVOLVER (28A. Dressage rider, at times?)
FOAM RUBBER (47A. Old-fashioned barber, at times?)
OYSTER CRACKER (54A. Inexperienced shucker, at times?)
ALL BETTER (65A. No-limit Texas hold’em player, at times?)
CHICKEN TENDER (74A. Farmer, at times?)
BACK BURNER (84A. Sleeping sunbather, at times?)
SNACK COUNTER (103A. Dieter, at times?)
BATHROOM SLIPPER (110A. Person getting out of a tub, at times?)

Other — ABSOLUT (90A. Spirits in Scandinavia), ASKS OUT (56D. Goes to court?), COCKERS (89D. Long-eared dogs, informally), MIDSTREAM (3D. Current location?), SNEAK UP ON (79D. Take by surprise), TRICK UP (88D. Dress in fancy duds).


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