04.25.14 — Passenger

Yuri Gagarin


Friday, April 25, 2014

Puzzle by Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Take it easy, CHILLAX; 8. Vostok 1 passenger, GAGARIN; 15. Try, HAVE AT; 16. Supermodel Lima, ADRIANA; 17. Scale with the highest reading at midday, usually, UVI INDEX; 18. More than startle, TERRIFY; 19. Show horse, MR ED; 20. Juniors’ juniors, briefly, SOPHS; 22. Those, to Jose, ESOS; 23. Organ part, PEDAL; 25. Classic Jaguar, XKE; 26. Latin word in legal briefs, IDEM; 27. Princess Leia was one in “A New Hope:”, HOLOGRAM; 30. Bamboozled, HAD; 32. It’s nothing new, DÉJÀ VU; 35. Hot shot?, SEX SCENE; 37. Germany, to Britain, EX-ENEMY; 39. It helps you focus, RITALIN; 40. Unlocked area?, BALD SPOT; 42. Expenditure, OUTLAY; 43. T-shirt sizes, for short, SML; 44. Allstate subsidiary, ESURANCE; 46. One who deals with stress well?, POET; 48. Hat, slangily, LID; 49. Reuben ingredient, informally, KRAUT; 53. Completely dry, as a racetrack, FAST; 54. Rub it n, GLOAT; 56. Org. with the New York Liberty, WNBA; 57. BlackBerry routers, I PHONES; 59. “This statement is false,” e.g., PARADOX; 61. Strong and regal, LEONINE; 62. Elvis hit with a spelled-out title, TROUBLE; 63. Gallery event, ART SALE; 64. Sharp-pointed instruments, STYLETS.

Down — Sucker, CHUMP; 2. Where French ships dock, HAVRE; 3. Like many academic halls, IVIED; 4. Help, LEND A HAND; 5. “Cupid is a knavish LAD”: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”; 6. Biographical data, AGES; 7. Love letters, XOXOXO; 8. One foraging, GATHERER; 9. Drinks stirred in pitches, ADES; 10. [Back off!], GRR; 11. Put on, AIRED; 12. Complain loudly, RAISE HELL; 13. Obsessive need to check one’s email or Facebook, say, INFOMANIA; 14. Cons, NAYS; 21. U.P.S. cargo: Abbr., PKGS; 24. Tennis smash?, LOVE SET; 26. Puzzle solver’s complain, I’M STUCK; 28. Punishment, metaphorically, LUMPS; 29. Hypothetical particle in cold dark matter, AXION; 31. Turn down, DENY; 32. Five-time U.S. presidential candidate in the early 1900s, DEBS; 33. School handout, EXAM PAPER; 34. Colorful party intoxicant, JELLO SHOT; 36. Shrill howl, CATERWAUL; 38. “Just wait …”, YOU’LL SEE; 41. Cream, for example, TRIO; 45. Changes for the big screen, ADAPTS; 47. Short jackets, ETONS; 50. “Watch AND BE amazed” (magician’s phrase); 51. It takes two nuts, U-BOLT; 52. Campaign issue, TAXES; 53. Nike rival, FILA; 54. Mil. Bigwig, GENL; 55. Like sour grapes, TART; 58. Long in Hollywood, NIA; 60. ROY Halladay, two-time Cy Young Award winner.


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