04.08.14 — Knock It Off!

Painted wooden knockdown clown head with fabric dress,
The Ron Rakaseder Collection of American Arcade & Carnival Memorablia


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

KEEP IT DOWN (17A. “That’s enough!,” to a hot dog-eating contestant?), WRAP IT UP (25A. “That’s enough!,” to a store clerk at Christmas?), MOVE IT ALONG (36A. “That’s enough!,” to a store clerk at Christmas?), CUT IT OUT (51A. “That’s enough!,” to a collagist?) and KNOCK IT OFF (61A. “That’s enough!,” to a carnival thrower) constitute the interrelated group of this winning Tuesday crossword.

Other — APE SUIT (2D. Jungle film attire), AUDI and AUDITS, AURORA (46D. Dawn goddess), CREW TEAM (3D. Unit involved in a shell game?), GAS STOVE (39D. Appliance with a pilot), GUINEA pig, GUTSY (24A. Full of nerve), SEES FIT (43D. Deems it O.K.). ‘TEN-HUT (12d. Drill sergeant’s shout), WHATNOT (25D. Miscellaneous things).


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