04.12.14 — The Saturday Crossword


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Puzzle by Mel Rosen / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Popularity boost due to a certain TV endorsement, COLBERT BUMP; 12. Rebel in a beret, CHE; 15. “A thousand pardons”, EVER SO SORRY; 16. Athlete in a shell, OAR; 17. Diet, e.g., LEGISLATURE; 18. “Collages” novelist, 1964, NIN; 19. Arab spring?, TROT; 20. Mexicans roll them, ARS; 21. Composers of some rhapsodies, ODISTS; 23. Business of 41-Down: Abbr., INS; 24. Wear for Hu Jintao, MAO SUIT; 25. Mythical abode of heeroes slain in battle, ASGARD; 29. “Each of us bears his own Hell” writer, VIRGIL; 30. Part of a drag outfit, HEELS; 31. Relatives of black holes, DARK STARS; 34. Cousin of an agave, ALOE; 35. Dispatch, HASTE; 36. To you, in Toulouse, ATOI; 37. Place for rank-and-filers in the House of Commons, BACK BENCH; 39. Zone menace, FREON; 40. Pungent Panini ingredient, ASIAGO; 41. Gets started, SETS TO; 42. They often provide Illumination in galleries, DOCENTS; 44. Arm with many vessels, maybe, BAY; 45. Like angels, ON HIGH; 46. Palooka, OAF; 47. Throws for a loop, AWES; 51. Shakespeare sonnet that begins “So am I as the rich, whose blessed key”, LII; 52. Parts of some alarms, HEAT SENSORS; 55. Fleece, CON; 56. White whale’s whereabouts, ARCTIC OCEAN; 57. Bath setting: Abbr., ENG; 58. People sampling mushrooms, say, MYCOLOGISTS.

Down — 1. Druid, CELT; 2. Spanning, OVER; 3. Theme of several theme parks, LEGO; 4. Pittdown man, say, BRIT; 5. Dot-dot-dot, ESS; 6. Casualty of the Battle of Roncesvalles, ROLAND; 7. Old dynasts, TSARS; 8. Some spam senders, BOTS; 9. The Negro R. runs through it, URU; 10. “Fantasy Island” host, MR ROARKE; 11. Stray mongrels, PYE-DOGS; 12. Chancellery settings, CONSULATES; 13. Where Nord, Nord-Est and Nord-Ouest are departments, HAITI; 14. Apr contemporary, ERNST; 22. “Interesting … but museum-worthy?”, IS IT ART; 23. Org. whose logo has an eagle and scales, IRS; 24. Opposite of gloom, MIRTH; 25. King of Kings, AHAB; 26. 1987 Lionel Richie hit, SELA; 27. 21st-century pastime for treasure hunters, GEOCACHING; 28. Leonov who was the first man to walk n space, ALEKSEI; 29. Balboa’s first name, VASCO; 31. Alternative to shoots?, DANGS; 32. A cube has one, ROOT; 33. SINO-Soviet; 35. Like many a purple-tinged moorland, HEATHERY; 38. “Fur Traders Descending the Missouri” painter, 1845, BINGHAM; 39. Creator of “30 Rock”, FEY; 41. Its parent is Liberty Mutual, SAFECO; 42. Opposite of agitato, DOLCE; 43. Pizza topping, ONION; 44. Pizza topping, BASIL; 46. Bart and Lisa’s bus driver, OTTO; 47. Sacs studied by 58-Across, ASCI; 48. Parts of a sob story, WOES; 49. Latin 101 word, ERAT; 50. Phishing loot: Abbr., SSNS; 53. Orange’s org., ACC; 54. Periodic dairy aisle offering, NOG.


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