04.23.14 — The Mercury Seven

Back row:  Shepard, Grissom, Cooper; 
front row: Schirra, Slayton, Glenn, Carpenter in 1980.  
This was the only time they would appear together in pressure suits.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Puzzle by David J. Kahn / Edited by Will Shortz

MERCURY / SEVEN (71A. With 1-Down, first American astronauts), along with WALLY SCHIRRA, GUS GRISSOM, ALAN SHEPARD, DEKE SLAYTON, SCOTT  CARPENTER, GORDON COOPER and JOHN GLENN constitutes the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — ACETALS (18A. Volatle solvents), ATROPHIED (21D. Weakened due to inactivity), ATTEMPT (63A. Stab), DOODLER (26D. School desk drawer?), ENTENTE (65A. International agreement), ERODING (15A. Whittling away), LOESSER (69A. “Luck Be a Lady” composer/ lyricist), NO REPLY (16A. Like some email addresses), ROCKET (9D. NASA vehicle), SENSORY (24D. Kind of perception), SPACE RACE (12D. Old U.S./Soviet rivalry), VAMOOSE (17A. Blow the joint), “I envy Seas, WHEREON He rides“: Emily Dickinson.


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