04.29.14 — Newspaper Columns


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Puzzle by Jules P. Markey / Edited by Will Shortz

NEWSPAPER COLUMN, along with TIMES, POST, SUN and GLOBE, all found in vertical column entries constitutes the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword:

NEWSPAPER COLUMN (11D. Place to express an opinion … or a literal description of 3-, 7-, 9- and 21-Down?)
TIMES TABLE CHART (3D. Multiplication aid)
POST OFFICE BOXES (7D. Mail holders)
SUN WORSHIPER (9D. Ardent beachgoer)
GLOBE TROTTER 21D. Basketball showman)

Other — ALL / PRO (27D. With 25-Down, football star), COVERALLS (57A. Some work clothes), DIS and WASTE (23A and 22A. Trash), EMERGENTS (20A. Ones coming into view), INKS and PENS (67A and 63A. Writes indelibly), OVENS (51D. Places to put one’s dough), PUREES (5D. Makes smoothies, e.g.), TRUCE (42A. Stay in the fight?), UMAMI (2D. One of the five basic tastes), VERGE (62A. Brink).


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