04.11.14 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, April 11, 2014

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Retreat, MOVE BACK; 9. “3 O’Clock Blues” hitmaker, 1952, B B KING; 15. Obviously … “, I REALIZE; 16. Uses, as a chaise, LIES ON; 17. Particle ejected from an atom during ionization, DELTA RAY; 18. Home of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, UGANDA; 19. “Star Wars” villain name, VADER; 20. Identify, PEG; 21. Celebration of the arrival of spring, TET; 22. Blew out, SPEWED; 24. Eastern hereditary title, RAJAH; 26. Specks, IOTAS; 27. Things worn at home?, FACE MASKS; 31. Like some details, GORY; 32. Maddeningly surreal, KAFKAESQUE; 33. “Girls” home, HBO; 34. Some adoption, candidates, KITTENS; 35. Address found online, URL; 36. Ones unlikely to drag their feet, TAP DANCERS; 38. NATE Ruess, lead singer of Fun; 39. Weep, SHED TEARS; 40. Order of ancient Greeks, DORIC; 41. There might be a battery of them, TESTS; 42. Rid (of), DIVEST; 43. Matt’s onetime “Today” co-host, ANN; 46. Runs the show, for short, MCS; 47. Like prosciutto, CURED; 48. Way over the top, TOO TOO; 50. Head of the Catholic Church when Luther’s “95 Theses” was  posted, POPE LEO X; 53. Daddy Warbucks’s henchman, THE ASP; 54. “Gracious me!”, I DECLARE; 55. Complete safe, as a proposition, NO-LOSE; 56. Lecture series with well over a billion views, TED TALKS.

Down — 1. Century starter?, MID; 2. Something in that vein?, ORE; 3. Line outside a club, maybe, VELVET ROPE; 4. Erode, EAT AWAY; 5. Leaves of grass, BLADES; 6. Ran, AIRED; 7. High-level appointee, CZAR; 8. It has all the answers, KEY; 9. Alternative to cords, BLUE JEANS; 10. Bowls, e.g., BIG GAMES; 11. Mauna KEA; 12. “ … and who ISN’T?”; 13. Network connection, NODE; 14. Part of a moving cloud, GNAT; 20. Foe of the Vikings, PACKERS; 22. Tour parts, SIGHTS; 23. Bigwig, POOBAH; 24. High beams, RAFTERS; 25. Orders n a restaurants, HAS; 27. Millionaires and billionaires, FATCATS; 28. Theodore Roosevelt’s domestic program, SQUARE DEAL; 29. Rapper KURTIS Blow; 30. Elite, SELECT; 32. Part of a TV archive, KINESCOPE; 34. Model introduced in the 1990s, KATE MOSS; 37. Target of a 1972 ban, DDT; 38. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” for one, NOVELLA; 40. Plain-spoken, DIRECT; 42. Took in, DUPED; 43. Routing aid: Abbr., ATTN; 44. Big apple neighborhood, NOHO; 45. “Christians Awake,” e.g., NOEL; 47. Semaphore signals, e.g., CODE; 49. Asian path, TAO; 50. Hog roasting locale, PIT; 51. Planet whose inhabitants age backward, ORK; 52. Pair of Dos Equis, XES.


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