04.19.14 — The Saturday Crossword


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Puzzle by Stu Ockman / Edited by Will Shortz

Six fifteen-letter answers constitutes the main feature of this Saturday crossword:

ONE AFTER ANOTHER (16A. Sequential)
THE GOBLET OF FIRE (17A. Harry Potter series part)
CLEAN AS A WHISTLE (56A. Spotless)
HOSTILE REACTION (59A. Boos, e.g.)
IT TAKES ALL SORTS (60A. “Different strokes for different folks”)

Other across — 18. Can’t take, HATES; 19. One of a familiar septet, DWARF; 20. Rocks on the Rhein?, EIS; 21. Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Cien ANOS de Soledad”; 22. Weapon in old hand-to-hand combat, DIRK; 23. Figures in “Teutonic Mythology”, ELVES; 25. “Vous etes ICI”; 26. Alaska’s KENAI Fjords National Park; 27. Candy pioneer H. B. REESE; 28. Abr. In many a military title, RET; 29. Small skillet, EGG PAN; 31. Abr. Before a date, ESTD; 32. Bg Chicago-based franchiser, IGA; 33. 1958-61 political alliance: Abbr., UAR; 35. March on Washington grp., SNCC; 38. Dirgelike, SOMBER; 42. 20-Across in English, ICE; 45. Blush, COLOR; 47. Not a good person to entrust with secrets, informally, SIEVE; 48. And moreover, NAY; 49. Answer (for), ATONE; 50. Goya figure, MAJA; 51. Part of a plowing harness, HAME; 52. Problem for Porot, CAS; 53. Quickly imagine?, ’SPOSE; 55. Swiss city that borders France and Germany, BASEL.

Down —  1. Either of two Holy Roman emperors, LOTHAIR; 2. Better, ENHANCE; 3. “Get cracking!”, SEE TO IT; 4. White-bearded types, SAGES; 5. Some budget planners, for short, CFOS; 6. Gambling inits., OTB; 7. Putting one’s cards on the table, n a way, MELDING; 8. Package for sale, say, PRE-WRAP; 9. Principal port of Syria, LATAKIA; 10. “IN OR out?”; 11. Strongbox, COFFER; 12. Raiding grp., ATF; 13. Robin Hood and hs Merry Men, THIEVES; 14. Otherworldly in the extreme, EERIEST; 15. Decent, DRESSED; 22. “Portraits at the Stock Exchange” artist, DEGAS; 24. Look that’s not liked, LEER; 26. KEG party; NUEVA York; 32. Seattle’s Space Needle or St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, ICON; 34. Something that often follows you, ARE; 35. Greta SCACCHI of “The Red Violin”; 36. Hardly any, NOT A LOT; 37. Immediate, as relatives, CLOSES; 39. Seeps, OSMOSES; 40. Actress in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, MIA SARA; 41. Decorate fancly, BEJEWEL; 42. Bothered, IN A STIR; 43. Broadway hit with the song “I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight”, CAMELOT; 44. Telescope part, EYE LENS; 46. Mezzo-soprano Regina RESNIK; 51. Must, HAS TO; 54. Blanched, PALE; 55. Inexpensive writing implements, BICS; 57. AT A price; 58. Bad computer?, HAL.


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